Retiring Soon

Contrary to popular opinion, KPOP is not cheap - and I mean it literally. Concert tickets amount to up to 15,000php. Album prices combined with shipping fees are not a joke. Merchandises are equally expensive. I wouldn't accept it if anyone calls it cheap.

But it might be impractical.

Recently, I've contemplated on my expenses. My salary is good enough that I still have quite a few amounts to spare despite the loans and bills I have to pay. However, the extras are often spent on KPOP tickets, albums and merchandises that I no longer get to enjoy an actual life.

A lot of friends had told me about this before; and only now do I realize that I'm getting old and the need to prioritize my real future - away from these superstars - is getting more intense. That's why I promised myself that after CNBLUE, I would lessen it. Although I might still think about going to concerts, I will have to get contented with cheaper seats.

I know it's going to be very difficult. I'm kinda getting nervous about facing the withdrawal stage. But then, I've got motivations:

  1. I want to travel with friends. I know lots of them are feeling bad that I always turn their invitations down so I want to catch up. 
  2. I need to attend the Asian Youth Day in South Korea. It's ironic that it still boils down to KOREA but I want to go there for this big Catholic event. :)
  3. I want to buy gadgets. Nikon D5100 is my number one priority. 
  4. I want a house. The need to find my own abode is there. It never leaves. I need to be able to buy one before I'm 30!!! That's 7 years from now!
  5. I want to meet people. Don't get me wrong. I met a lot of people through KPOP but you see, I need to meet others too- others who are different, others who may teach me other things. 
These are just some. I know it's kinda ironic because I always say that I'm not leaving KPOP. Well, I'm not. I'm just gonna keep distance; and that's okay. We will all be getting into that stage. It's just a matter of who gets there first. 

And hopefully, I'm just one step away from it.

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