Youth in the Eyes of the Adults

I have one truth to expose: When the idea of youth in the eyes of the elders is brought up, the usual first thought is 'delinquency.' I don't know with others but in the Philippines, the younger generations are often bombarded with the impression that we can do nothing right. In the eyes of the elders, the youth is often synonymous to trouble. 

Being a member of the youth myself, I am saddened with this kind of perception. Sure, there are 'delinquent' people in our generation, but is there really a need to hastily generalize? It's kind of unfair. There are also lots of adults who are off the right path but it is rare for a young one to purposefully think that all adults are the same. 

I think that the problem is that adults are eaten up by their prides. I wonder how being in this world for a longer time makes them better individuals. I'm not saying that there is no need to pay respect; but you see, the quote 'respect begets respect' wasn't invented for nothing. 

We are all born different, and the youth today - being exposed to so many opportunities - are gifted with unique talents which may be of great help to the society. Not everyone of us are into trouble all the time. Some dedicate themselves to actually eradicate this insulting notion. 

But how are we going to push through with the said plan when no one trusts us? The members of the youth are constantly judged. Prejudice reigns. Because we're young, we're constantly looked down on. We are blamed for everything - and that's not exactly fun.

I've had my share of experiences. There are times when I will be asked for help; and though I just follow orders, I will still be blamed if something goes wrong. I am also often assumed to know nothing when I fully understand everything that's going on. My judgment is always questioned. My abilities are often taken advantage of.

Because I am young.

If we are to continue with this sort of social fashion, where are we going to end up? Our national hero, Jose Rizal, once said: "The youth is the hope of the nation." The young generations are definitely trying to prove he's right. Apparently, the older ones aren't ready to accept that. 

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