Blue Love Solidified.

Until now, it is kinda difficult to move on and get over the fact that after three long years, I have finally seen CNBLUE perform live. It was great. It was fun. It was a memorable experience. Lots of funny things had happened; and Jung Yonghwa had just solidified his position as my ultimate bias.

I really didn’t feel the hype until I got the tickets from Lovely of PULP. When I saw the tickets assuring my seat on Section 103 Row 3 Seat 21 (CENTER AISLE, BABY!), my mind went bonkers. The moment I stepped into the venue, my heart began thumping as if I’ll have a heart attack any moment. And believe it or not, I am not exaggerating. Sitting on that seat, just a few meters away from where my boys would be, made me want to cry but I couldn’t.

I really couldn’t.

And then the lights dimmed and the whole Araneta screamed. As how Ate Chichi claimed, the view was familiar. It was a blue ocean, after all. But although I still prefer the Sapphire Blue Sea every Super Show, nothing could distract me from the escalating anticipation.

The boys are here.

And then one by one, they stepped into the stage. Yonghwa’s silhouette came into my view first and then it was like pandemonium inside me. I kept on screaming and jumping while waving my light stick, though it all still felt so surreal.

The boys took the stage, along with my whole sanity. As they get ready with their instruments, I suddenly found myself voiceless – just staring in awe with these beautiful perfections. As hilarious as it is, I want to assume that for a few seconds, JONGHYUN AND YONGHWA STARED AT ME. I mean, I was the only blonde in the area. They must have been thinking how idiotic I was to sport that kind of hairstyle, but the important thing was I believe it worked.

CNBLUE began playing and I couldn’t remember what happened next. Just bits of it though. I remember trying to cover my mouth because of too much astonishment; admiring the boys’ childish actions on stage; laughing my ass off (and at the same time, getting awed) because they speak English and Tagalog; and trying to contain my feels because I was so fucking proud the whole time.

I just have to impress on some things though:
1)      Jungshin and Minhyuk are good in English. Jungshin’s definitely the best!
2)      Even when overseas, food always comes first for these people. Of all the things Philippines could impress Minhyuk with, it’s lechon (and jeepney).
3)      The jumpy kid, Yonghwa, STOMPS on his effects... HARD. – This really stunned me. Dear effects, are you okay?
4)      Jonghyun has this addictive charm that even alone, HE GLOWS. Passion at its best, Lee Jonghyun is.
5)      LEE JONGHYUN IS THE SEXIEST MAN I HAVE EVER SEEN IN PERSON SO FAR.  Let’s wait until I see EXO’s Kai in person though.
6)      Jungshin must have gotten tired of thinking of English words to use so he decided to ask if the crowd understands Korean.
JS:           Jaemisseoyo? (Was it fun?)
US:         YEEEEE!!!!
JS:           Hangug-mal arayo? (Do you know Korean?)
US:         YEEEEE!!!!
JS:           O__O Daebak~~~
7)      It was a regret that I get to pay less attention to the maknaes because the two hyungs are ALWAYS interfering.
8)      Honey thighs are real.
9)      I never expected Yonghwa’s nose to be that pointed and perfect.
11)   Jung Yonghwa is an idiot. As sexily as he could, he called us ‘SINGAPORE’ and I have proven it possible to have a whole Araneta Coliseum vs Jung Yonghwa. Jonghyun and Jungshin were laughing their asses off over this mistake. MINHYUK WAS CLUELESS. HAHAHAHAHA!
12)   I will never ever regret falling in love with this band.

A lot more things happened but I guess they’ll just stay in my mind and heart. After the concert, we rushed to KPUB BBQ in Taguig for the after party and it was fun. They stayed upstairs and although the curtains were drawn, we could still see Jungshin eating with his red cap on. Occasionally, they would go out of the venue to use the restroom on the other side.  I didn’t see them that much because I was too busy filling myself in with GREAT KOREAN FOOD; plus, it was enough that I got a glimpse of Lee Jonghyun in black wifebeater.


Before going back to the hotel, the boys signed this huge photo at the balcony of the restobar. There was a large couch there and Jungshin knelt and propped his head on his arms, cutely looking at the screen and over the crowd.

Then they left.

All in all, the experience was a blast. When I went home the next morning, it began sinking in. I have seen CNBLUE live and I got to discover some few things about them through it. It was an unforgettable moment. It was a very special night. There were regrets on my part – things I could have done for the boys if only I had the time to prepare more; but I’m sure I’ll be given better chances next time.


As I close my eyes to sleep that morning, two things have been made clearer. The three-year wait was worth it, and whatever happens, I will protect this band – especially Jung Yonghwa.

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