Gwiyomi Song

Lately, the Gwiyomi (귀요미) Song has been playing in my head like a plague - positive, at that. Gwiyomi is the term for 'CUTE' and I think it's a nursery song in South Korea. It has obviously gone sooooooo sensational because many idols are now performing it on stage. I think it's the next bbuing-bbuing.

For those who can't read Hangul, here's the romanization:

il deohagi ireun gwiyomi
i deohagi ineun gwiyomi
sam deohagi sameun gwiyomi
sa deohagi saneun gwiyomi
o deohagi odeun gwiyomi
yuk deohagi yukdeun..
*kiss fingers six times*

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1+1, CUTE!
2+2, CUTE!
3+3, CUTE!
4+4, CUTE!
5+5, CUTE!
*kiss fingers six times*

It has a choreography which EXO's maknae Oh Sehun will show you HERE. He was totally so cute, I couldn't help but really want to squish his face. 

However, Thehun's not the only one who did that. Super Junior M (LEE SUNGMIN!) and CNBLUE members did it already, as well as other groups and individuals.

Really, it's giving me LSS all the time. Even as I write this, the song keeps on playing in my head and I couldn't help but smile. If only I have aegyo, it would be perfect. But then again, I can still teach this to the kids of my friends, right? :) 

The song's a cute one indeed. But apparently, it's not always healthy for the mind. ㅋㅋㅋ

credits: Ryeowook and Dalma

Gwiyomi wasn't a nursery rhyme. It was from BTOB's Jung Ilhoon. ♥

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  1. actually it is not a South Korean nursery song. BToB's Ilhoon invented it which he performed in a Weekly Idol (Korean variety show) episode. :)