Mr. Imperfect

People are born idealistic. They always want the best of everything for themselves because as human beings, we know we all deserve it. But the wrong thing about this thing is we often become perfectionists without knowing it; and we unconsciously set 'perfection' as the peak of our standards in choosing people to love.

I am guilty of this. I fell in love with someone because I thought he's perfect. During the first few years, I thought he was really one of a kind that I grew even fonder of him. I thought back then that I was so lucky because it's rare for a girl to find someone as perfect as he is. I was totally thrilled. 

Until fate had proven that he's not almighty. Incidents made me realize that he's far from the 'perfect' person that I have drawn him to be. He has flaws. He has shortcomings. He makes a lot of mistakes. 

I thought I would no longer take interest after getting exposed to his imperfections. But the opposite happened. Instead of running away, my heart took steps closer to him. Just when I thought that I would be disappointed because he wasn't the perfect man, I fell in love with him more because he isn't.

I have always believed that for you to keep the fire of love burning, you should always have reasons to keep it alive. If I didn't revoke the idea that he's perfect, my attention on him would have long been gone. I would have already find it boring to love him because there's no more need to find reasons to continue feeling that way. Excitement would have left. I must have long crossed the end of the line.

But since I've learned that he's not flawless, I was given more reasons to feel that everything's normal. His imperfections gave sense to my existence. Most things he want to know, I would teach him. Most things he couldn't do, I'll help him accomplish. I fill in voids in his life, everytime I can. And by that, we get to establish a better give-and-take relationship (even though it's a one-sided love on my part. But of course, I'm contented with that.)

Perfection is non-existent. So if you will love a person, don't love him because he's perfect. Love him because he has flaws. No questions. No hesitations. 

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