Life for FT Island!

As much as I hate it, there had been several issues going around involving CNBLUE and FNC. While I don't know where and when it started, I can't help but feel really, really affected. I am a self-confessed BOICE but I love FT Island too; and I can't stand it when conflicts arise - conflicts which, I know, came up from real problems.

From how I've seen it, Primadonnas are going through a hard time right now. They are calling FNC 'biased' and 'unfair' because lots of attention are being given to CNBLUE and Juniel. It tears me apart that there is a hint of reality. I told you I'm a BOICE, and even I see that such favoritism really exists. 

I don't know so much about FT Island to back up my opinions. Look through other blogs since they will pretty much give you full details on the issue. But I guess, my assumptions that the five treasures are feeling the same were made stronger when they suddenly released a live band practice for the song 'Life'. 

When you’re standing in front of a split road, it’s okay to look back
As you see yourself getting farther ahead, you can point out where to go

The setting sun and the image of you getting smaller -
Gather your hands and wait for the day it will be shone upon again

I don’t want to remain as an ambiguous existence
Why do I lie and deceive myself everyday like a fool?
Look carefully, this isn’t me – someone please tell me
I want my true self – my life

We are also people who dream of our future
One by one, my future is getting fulfilled
But there were days when I wanted to rip it apart and throw it out
But I can’t just give up when I came all the way here

I crazily shout, asking for the missed miracles to come back
But nothing returns

Temptations that I can’t stop or forget
I will go back to them everyday so why am I standing at the end of this road?
Don’t worry, look at me right now – even if you become filled with scars
You won’t change just like how it is now

If you can’t go back to the past
Cherish this moment right now everyday
So you won’t be embarrassed with yourself that you always protect

My life

Bias aside, Life is probably one of the most beautiful, honest, and heartwarming songs I've ever heard. It was written by Hongki and Jonghun and it talks about losing oneself in the midst of fulfilling his dreams. And this, being released in time with all these controversies, it just rattles me so much.

FT Island is definitely one of the best groups in Korea. Being a band who creates their own music basically solidifies their position in the list. They are real treasures. But if rumors are true, it sucks that their own company cannot see that. If it is all true, it is disgusting that they were treated as mere lab rats for a bigger act that is CNBLUE. FT Island brought fame to FNC, for all we know. FT Island started the 'Flower Boy Band' trend indeed. If rumors are really true, I don't know anymore.

To be honest, I think favoritism is just normal. But giving everything to one group and forgetting the other is just too unfair, FNC. I am Boice and I am thankful that they are putting so much effort to boost the popularity of CNBLUE further; but FT Island deserves the same.

I wish that both bands will be treated fairly. I know that CNBLUE had to go through stages of rebellion too for their requests to be granted. FT Island must have been doing the same for so long already. So I wish FNC would just give in. After all, these bands give them recognition. It is definitely difficult to cover up that truth.

At the moment, Hongki has joined WGM, and I hope that this leads to FT Island going back to the limelight. I know there had been lots of negative publicities about him and the other members; but I hope people would give them a chance. They're really fun and honest people, and they try to get out of the conventional. They're unique and unknowingly, they're just trying to revolutionize a society. I don't see anything wrong with that. 

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