Tips for Fangirls: How to Make Money Online during Summer and Beyond

Contrary to what others believe, being a fangirl is not an easy task. Aside from the fact that we are constantly in an emotional rollercoaster ride, our pockets are always devastated. Indeed, this is a very expensive hobby; and so we obviously need money.

Making money is another challenge, though - especially for students. Merchandises are definitely not cheap and not all parents are supportive of this interest. If they are, we cannot expect them to just provide for us all the time. Somehow, we have to learn how to make money on our own... which is definitely not easy.

So guys, I'm giving you some tips on how to earn the cash to finance your fandom needs, without leaving the precious computer. I hope that through this compilation, you would find the drive to be independent when it comes to this kind of matter:

1. oDesk 

oDesk is definitely a nice site for those who wish to work at home. I personally hasn't tried working for it yet but according to Irev who earns through this site, people look for employers there. Then if hired, they're gonna work like call center agents, most of the time, as night-shifters. You're going to get paid like a typical full-time worker through Paypal. Freelancing is possible in oDesk too. Usually, jobs offered here has something to do with content writing, seo marketing and secretarial services. If you've got what it takes, sign up now.

2. Nuffnang

Those who love blogging would love Nuffnang. It is an online community that posts advertisements on your blog, and the rule is: if people click those banners/skyscrapers, then you earn money. It's a pay-per-click campaign Nuffnang is focusing on. Although earning is quite slow here, as most readers really know what are ads and what are not, it wouldn't hurt to have your blog registered here. However, I think this is applicable to bloggers from Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Australia may join! But I'm pretty sure, they're working on extending their services to more countries!

Top 5 Things that a KPOP Fan Girl Must Have

It is not difficult to be a fan girl, but it's not easy either. There are so many things which fan girls do so they can satisfy themselves with their positions. No, I'm not talking about being a sasaeng and all. Fan girls can be fan girls without being too obnoxious, remember that.

Being the owner and sole admin of WeLoveLeeteuk, I have encountered several questions in the past pertaining to how to become a fan girl. Actually, I have no answers for it...

But let me share to you the most basic things which I think every SERIOUS fan girl should have:

  1. Passport. I know this is ridiculous but every serious fan girl must have her passport. Honestly, this is something we can scrap off the list, especially if your idols frequent your country. But to me who's living in The Philippines, the easiest way to see them is to travel to different countries. I have gone to Singapore already for Super Show 4, and if money would permit, I would want to travel to Korea... And with that, I need a passport (and a visa, if aplicable.)
  2. Money. Being a fangirl is not a joke. It is like one of the most expensive hobbies in the world. Thus, we need money. But the biggest question is, where do we get it? Honestly, I only indulged myself in the fandom when I started working. So yeah, if you want to be a serious fangirl, you've got to get a job; and not just rely on the money your parents are giving you. Make use of that one good thing about fangirling - learning how to be independent. If you want to earn money, btw, go click this link. It's easy. :)
  3. Towel - This is not the typical bath towel, guys. This is what you raise during the concert. Personally, I think that every fangirl who attends concerts should have atleast one towel. Based on experience, it's easy to get a moment with your idol when you have his towel with you. :p
  4. Lightstick - If I think the towel is necessary, then the lightstick is MORE necessary. What's unique about KPOP concerts is that the audience gets to amplify the excitement inside the venue. It's very imposing to see an ocean of a certain color when the lights inside the concert venue are turned out. It makes you feel like you're in a different dimension. However, one thing that we must understand is that there are some KPOP groups who have their own colors. For example, Super Junior has the Sapphire Blue Ocean... You don't attend their concert and bring a multi-colored one, unless it's for a project.
  5. Camera - Fangirls love photos as to us, it is the biggest proof that we've been a part of a concert. We use these photos/videos to reminisce and remind ourselves of how wonderful the KPOP world is. Honestly, I don't think it is necessary that the camera is a very expensive one. As long as it produces good picture and it is easy to hide (hehehe :p), it is okay. ^_^
Okay. So there are a lot more things which a fan girl must have; but I think these five are the most important. Now, before you go to your parents and ask them to give these all to you, let me just make it clear that fangirling is not always joining the status quo. You become a fangirl not through getting these items or literally following your idols around. There's more to being a fangirl than those. So yeah, think first before you show this blog post to your moms and dads okay? I don't want to receive bashes from everywhere. :p

What I Think We are Forgetting as Catholics (Decorum inside the Church)

I've been noticing this a lot lately. Many people are lacking knowledge about the decorum inside the Catholic church. As much as it pains me, there really are some people who claim themselves as Catholics yet do not have even the smallest inkling as to how to properly behave when inside the sacred house of God.

Of course, I am no perfect. Nobody is. But surely, we can try to be. So guys, I hope that you do read on and instill in your hearts and minds the basic things to remember when inside the Catholic Church.
  1. Dress properly. The Church is not a shopping mall or a bar. It is not an avenue to flaunt your sexy bodies. Thus, we all have to take into consideration what we wear. Kindly avoid wearing revealing clothes. Plunging necklines and sleeveless tops are very attention-grabbing that it may lead other people to just stare at you rather than concentrate on the Mass. Wearing leg-baring bottoms isn't actually permitted as well. For guys, please don't wear wifebeaters and caps inside the church. Same rule applies with cargo shorts. People, you don't go to church to attract attention. You go there to pay attention to your spiritual life. So the spotlight shouldn't be on you but on God.
  2. Observe silence. A mass runs only for an hour. We are obliged to attend it only once a week. So please sacrifice that small amount of time to control ourselves and be quiet. This is a very, very difficult thing to do as I, myself, is usually guilty of this but it doesn't hurt to try. There are people who need silence to concentrate and we must give it to them and to ourselves as well. How can we hear God if we're busy talking to others? But then, if we can't refrain from talking to our companions though, at least tone down our voices to the point that only we would hear. More so, keep your phones in silent mode.
  3. Don't eat when inside the church. Not everybody may know this but if I remember it correctly, there is a rule in Catholicism wherein we should not to eat anything at least an hour before we receive the Holy Communion. That's fasting, a preparation we do to be worthy of receiving Christ. THUS, it is especially expected that no one will inside the church. This is something serious because aside from the fact that we're disobeying a major rule, we tend to disrespect the sacredness of the place; because admit it or not, many of us just throw our trash inside the premises and that's plain absurd. People, we do not chew gums and just stick it underneath our chairs. We do not drink soda/water and just leave the plastic bottle or cans on the floor. We do not munch on junk foods and then throw the wrappers just anywhere. Geez! Quoting our parish priest: Would you find it nice if a visitor would dump garbage on your house? I guess not.
  4. Don't let your kids run around when the mass in on-going. We can all argue that kids aren't on their right minds yet so we can't tell them what's right or wrong; but I am pretty sure that their parents are very much in their right ages to already understand that kids running around may create noise, thus attracting attention and ruining the concentration of people. Look, I'm not against parents bringing their kids to church as God would surely want the young ones to be there; but I believe there is also nothing wrong in teaching these little ones how to behave properly when there.Remember, the negative impression isn't thrown to the kids alone. The parents are the targets of the criticism.
  5. Start and finish the mass. You do not go to mass when all you did was enter the church, dip your fingers on the Holy Water at the entrance, look at the altar as you do the sign of the cross, and then leave; and just the same, you don't finish the mass just with the Holy Communion. It is a sacred ceremony - IN WHICH THE MOST IMPORTANT PART WOULD BE THE CONSECRATION. So please, try hard to attend the whole mass. It's just for one hour. At least, let's allot that short time for our souls' salvation.
Respect is the key here. The reason why we got to church is because we love God. So if we love him, we will respect Him and His church. Remember, He is with us when we gather for mass. We shouldn't do unnecessary things in front of Him.

I know I'm looking like I'm a know-it-all here; but please, people, join me in this change. Once and for all, let us face the fact that we Catholics have an obligation to give back to our Almighty Creator. Together, let's take time to process the things I've just said and be a better kin in the eyes of the Lord.

God bless you. :)

The Game of Losing and Finding

You lost everything.

That's the thing about sacrifice.
Sometimes, when you think you lose something, you're really just passing it out to someone else.

I woke up to this text message sent by a friend. I don't know if it's really a quote, coz it appeared to me like it isn't. Nonetheless, yeah, after reading, I knew my whole day was ruined...

Have I really lost it?

For such a long time, I've been shielding myself from all forms of joy. I feared to take what is supposed to be mine, believing that I don't deserve it. I constantly blamed myself whenever something wrong happens. I always do sacrifices because I have always believed that I have no right over anything in this world...

I was so induced to treat myself like some form of trash. Talk about stupidity.

I've already been feeling bad about it, and things just got worse when I read the message. It might have come from a friend who means good but controlling my thoughts is just out of my capabilities. His message hit me right through my heart and it's melting me at the very moment... badly.

There really is something wrong with me.

People, don't waste your time. Life is such a beautiful thing to be taken for granted. Sacrifices are necessary, but bear in mind that your happiness - based on good things - should always be your optimum priority. It's not selfishness when you wish to have things you know you deserve. It's not selfishness when you try to give yourself every bit of attention, just as long as it's not done at the expense of others.

Don't wait until you lose everything, before you fully understand what you've been doing to yourself. You guys do not know how painful it is to see everything that should've been yours just pass you by because you let go of it, because you've lost it. 

As of press time, I'm trying to figure out how to get everything back. I don't want to believe it's too late. I still want to try. As a person, I know I deserve the bests in life. I've spent three years in hell already, and now that I'm finding myself back again, I swear I won't go back there anymore.

I don't know how to start again. But one thing I want to convince myself with is the fact that although I lost a lot of things, I know I can always find replacements. Life brims with good things. It is impossible for a person to run out of reasons to be someone better.

... I just have to find those.

A Little Something to Ponder On

Catch a Man Who Reads
The Philippines is not a “reading” nation. Books in this country are considered a luxury. Underpaid and poor, most people here would rather save money for other home essentials than spend on books.
But I want to tell you some things about people who read. It’s really about finding your Mr. Darcy—to date, marry, and grow old with.
Date a man who reads. Date a man who invests on books rather than on clothes, food and electronic gadgets. His may be a messy room—with tools, magazines and electronic gadgets scattered all over. But in the litter, you’ll find a “spice.” Books. Which would make you smile.
Guys who read books do not necessarily wear eyeglasses. They are neither nerds nor emos, nor are they introvert and antisocial creatures. They would hate you for sticking that stigma on them.
Date a man who reads. Social networking sites do not spoil his life. He can survive without Facebook,  Twitter, Tumblr, or e-mails, but not without a good read.
Date a man who reads. For he does know the value of poetry. Yes, science, engineering, math, law and medicine, they are great pursuits. But  the man who reads values love, life, true happiness—with passion.
Date a man who reads. A great place for him is a coffee shop, or anywhere cheap that he finds conducive to reading. He knows when you are upset, or happy, or guilty. He knows it because he is familiar with human emotions. You don’t need to give him a clue.
Date a man who reads because he will not take you to jampacked movie houses on premiere nights. He understands that a good movie is adapted from a great book. He knows that any movie adaptation is always inferior to its book original.
Date a man who reads. He knows that you’re going to give him a book for his birthday, for Christmas and for anniversaries, but still he will be so eager to see what’s inside the gift. For he is so in love with literature—and with those who love the things he loves. Reminisce your childhood with the lessons from Dr. Seuss, “The Little Prince,” and the mysterious “Charlotte’s Web.” He’ll admire you for being familiar with those great stories.
Date a man who reads. He knows what is true, and what is fiction. If it’s possible in novels, why not in real life? Talk to him about Sherlock Holmes, of the magic kingdom of Narnia, and the best series so far, Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings.”
Date a man who reads. You’ll find him in a park, beneath a tree, with a newly acquired book whose pages could be white or yellow; or sitting by the bus window, relishing the yellow light, his perfect aphrodisiac for reading. He always welcomes a conversation with a stranger who likes to read Austen, Bronte, Woolf, Dickinson, and Niffenegger.
No, you will not find in his wallet a condom or a thick wad of money, or credit cards. Instead, you’ll find a list of books he wants to buy, and love letters and poems and quotes that he had earlier come across and that caught his interest. He does not put money in his wallet, unless he’s going to buy another book.
He knows when to make it with a girl. He doesn’t need to flirt. He has had enough flirtation in the books he had read. When he’s in love, he’s in love. He understands the concept of serendipity—and waiting. It takes time and patience to finish a Tolstoy novel.
He can spend the night with you, without sleep, and without sex, just talking endlessly about novels, and stories and poets and their lives. That Sylvia Plath committed suicide, Robert Frost took the road less traveled, Margaret Atwood knows the variation of sleep and love, and that John Keats’ last request was to place a “Here lies one whose name was writ in water” in his tombstone.
Date a man who reads. He does not judge a book by its cover. Or will he judge you by your appearance. He knows you have interesting stories “within” you, and he will listen to them, and fall in love with them. He knows how to make you smile. He’ll just read a good line, and you’ll know you’re inspired. He shares everything: the stories that break, and the ones that stink. Aside from reading, he gives you ample time—to eat, to pray, and to love. He accepts the fact that you need to find and discern yourself, sometimes.
Marry a man who reads. Make love to him as the two of you make new stories together. You’re guaranteed that your children will not have a boring childhood, that he’ll be there to tell bedtime stories because he believes (still) in fantasy even though he’s not a child anymore and he’ll play out the characters in children’s books.
He appreciates comedy and satire. His most precious belongings are his books and your family, which are to him a big story and a big event in his life. Although it is not quantifiable, he trusts the word “forever.”
Grow old with a man who reads. He knows that the worlds he has read in books will sometimes be more colorful and livelier than the world you two will actually live in. But he will not leave you. People die. Children come and go. But the memories and stories will be with you. Forever.By the way, he believes in women’s lib, because he accepts that women are good readers, and writers too.
Funny how I cried reading this, and how just one person invaded my thoughts as I go through the words picked to form this wonderful write-up.

Oh well...


I have always been very, very lazy busy that sometimes, I couldn't even find time to go out of the house and go to the bank to settle things I need to settle. I guess that's what happen when you've been working homebased for like eight months already. I'm just here at home, I receive my salary through my bank account... and that's basically the reason why I suddenly realize that going to the bank for some simple errands could be really, really stressful sometimes. LOL (<--I'm just crazy. Don't believe the same way I do.)

I've seen it as a problem. I often couldn't send my donations to World Vision on time because of this. (OKAY. I admit, sometimes, I really am too busy to go to banks.) So I decided to enroll my account in online banking of BPI...

And yeah, it made life easier.


For the plain reason that I have an account there? LOLJK. 

Thing is, it's very handy. Imagine, I can pay bills within a few minutes just as long as my account has money (which is not always the case. boohoo.) I can pay my SUN Cellular bill, Globe, MERALCO, Maynilad, World Vision, Dragon Pay Corp (for flights at Air Asia), even tuition fees in major universities in Manila and other parts of the country. Also, you can even reload your Globe/Touch Mobile prepaid accounts with your online account! 

For a list of the merchants you can deal with with BPI Express Online, visit this link

Other banks have this feature, of course. But since I don't have accounts with them, I'm telling you about this one. :)


  • To enjoy this goodness, you have to enroll your account for an online account. What you basically have to do is to register on the website (