Free Cute Korean Fonts!

I know how difficult it is to find really cute Korean fonts in the internet. I mean, most of us are stuck with what Google (in English) could provide us with; so I decided to look through Naver and was eventually led to this site.

From there, you can download wonderful fonts like the ones shown in the picture above. All you have to do is to click on the DOWNLOAD button (the one with the down arrow)!

Enjoy guys!!!
(and oh, yes, I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR! ㅋㅋ)

I do not own the fonts. I just saw it on Naver and shared it. ^^


  1. why is is that the fonts are not Korean but English alphabet?

    1. Hi! :) Actually, the characters beside the English names are the samples in Korean. :)

  2. hi! can I know what are the fonts in the sample picture you have here? :D

    1. Hi Katoo!

      Here is the list:
      1. Uhbee Bongsik
      2. Uhbee Eunkyung
      3. Uhbee Motomi
      4. Uhbee Se_hyun
      5. Uhbee YanNeu
      6. Uhbee Queen J
      7. Uhbee Kairu Mischief
      8. Uhbee Sunhong
      9. Uhbee uJong

      Have fun!!!!

    2. 감사합니다 I love how this font has English too 💗

  3. Wahhhh!! I usually never leave comments on anything but I literally just made a blogger account so that i could personally thank you for this ;~;
    Haha I've been looking everywhereeee for cute korean fonts since I got my hangul keyboard stickers. But the only one I could ever find was one called PilGi. It's pretty cute too, but now I'm not stuck using that one for everything lmao. Anyways thank you again for taking the time to share :D

    1. heyyyy! it honestly feels great that you really exerted effort just to comment here. :) i'm glad this post became of help to you. ^^

      thank you too! :D