Retiring Soon

Contrary to popular opinion, KPOP is not cheap - and I mean it literally. Concert tickets amount to up to 15,000php. Album prices combined with shipping fees are not a joke. Merchandises are equally expensive. I wouldn't accept it if anyone calls it cheap.

But it might be impractical.

Recently, I've contemplated on my expenses. My salary is good enough that I still have quite a few amounts to spare despite the loans and bills I have to pay. However, the extras are often spent on KPOP tickets, albums and merchandises that I no longer get to enjoy an actual life.

A lot of friends had told me about this before; and only now do I realize that I'm getting old and the need to prioritize my real future - away from these superstars - is getting more intense. That's why I promised myself that after CNBLUE, I would lessen it. Although I might still think about going to concerts, I will have to get contented with cheaper seats.

I know it's going to be very difficult. I'm kinda getting nervous about facing the withdrawal stage. But then, I've got motivations:

  1. I want to travel with friends. I know lots of them are feeling bad that I always turn their invitations down so I want to catch up. 
  2. I need to attend the Asian Youth Day in South Korea. It's ironic that it still boils down to KOREA but I want to go there for this big Catholic event. :)
  3. I want to buy gadgets. Nikon D5100 is my number one priority. 
  4. I want a house. The need to find my own abode is there. It never leaves. I need to be able to buy one before I'm 30!!! That's 7 years from now!
  5. I want to meet people. Don't get me wrong. I met a lot of people through KPOP but you see, I need to meet others too- others who are different, others who may teach me other things. 
These are just some. I know it's kinda ironic because I always say that I'm not leaving KPOP. Well, I'm not. I'm just gonna keep distance; and that's okay. We will all be getting into that stage. It's just a matter of who gets there first. 

And hopefully, I'm just one step away from it.

뜨거운 안녕 (Passionate Goodbye)

Since last week, I've been focusing my fangirl radar on Lee Hongki, the vocalist of FT Island. He's one of my most favorite KPOP artists, being one of the most incredible singers I've ever known. And it is such a great thing to know that he actually has an upcoming movie entitled 뜨거운 안녕 (Passionate Goodbye).

To hit the Korean cinemas on May 30, 2013, the film - as how I understood it - is about a young idol star who had been involved in a certain issue. This led him to a community service where he would reflect on his mistakes. I must say he had a hard time in the beginning, but he came around when he knew what he is actually supposed to do.

When I watched THE TEASER, I realized that I have to watch this because it has a good plot. If my words matter, I would say that this story is about being a blessing to others. The line "어떤 사람한테는 생의 마지막 부탁이 될수가 있는 거야" got me immediately. If Google Translate is not betraying me, it means 'Be the last favor for someone's life." That's a powerful line, right?

Honestly, I look forward to Hongki's character. It fits him perfectly! He may not be what you call a 'real problem idol' but he has his fair share of controversies, but he remains to be one of the most honest and dedicated dedicated persons I've ever seen in this industry.

I can't wait for the showing date, and I can tell I'm not the only one. In Naver, it has been rated 9.79 (out of 10) already, and it hasn't even hit the cinemas yet. Oh god, I'm excited. I wish subbing sites will be fast in completing it. :)


I just have to say this: I am thankful that Hongki is getting back on the limelight. He's in WGM with Fujii Mina (and he's doing really great there!) and here comes a movie with him as a lead. I hope this leads to major comebacks for FT Island as well.

Forgive me for saying this but I really feel like they went back to step one; but they are now taking the course CNBLUE had taken. I mean, Yonghwa got on You're Beautiful to introduce CNBLUE. Admit it or not, his appearance in WGM boosted their popularity. (TAKE NOTE: YONGHWA DIDN'T USE SEOHYUN. HE USED THE PROGRAM.) I know FT Island and CNBLUE are two different bands under the same label; but I really hope that if Hongki is doing this for his band, he would be successful and FT Island will be back to the top spots in no time.

Because you know, they deserve to be there.

Anyway, after the cut are several pictures from the filming. Enjoy looking at it! :)


There's no denying. I am overprotected. Even my friends say that at 23 years old, it's kinda ridiculous that my parents still have to call me and nag me about going home early - especially when I'm with people they know, people who serve in the church with me, people who live just a minute away from our house.

While I constantly make myself believe that this is for my own good, my friends had pointed out something I've long refused to think about. They said that as I continue becoming the 'good' daughter that meets my parents' expectations all the time, I might lose myself in the process.

Well, it's actually happening.

I am working from home and I don't always have the chance to go out and literally have fun with friends. I am not the type of person who loves partying and noise so visiting my friends in their houses unexpectedly for some drinks and catching up has always been my favorite activity whenever I'm free. But since they're also working in the morning, we only get the chance to see each other at night.

And it just really is sad that I have a curfew; and if I don't get back home before the time, I would have to hear comments about how 'ungrateful' and 'heartless' of a daughter I am for not caring about my parents worrying about me.

Believe it or not, I am thankful that they care for me. But really, it's too much.

The thing is I feel so restricted. Everything feels unfair. My mom is never the socializing type so she always hide herself at home. My dad is the opposite. Now the thing is, they're being so ironic everytime. Mom tells us always not to be like her and to socialize but will stop us when we do. Dad fully knows how a simple gathering with friends could take so much time because sometimes, he would go home around 3AM coming from his group's events; yet he wouldn't accept that as a reason when I tell them that.

Really. I am hating that I am overprotected. I've always felt it senseless because if something is bound to happen, then something will happen - no matter how cautious we are. Plus, such kind of restriction is like telling me that they don't trust me; and they constantly have to check that I'm not bringing shame to the family.

I do understand their point. That's why I'm feeling guilty each time I try to insist on what I really want to do. I hate it when they keep on telling me that I'm constantly making them worry, because that's the least thing I want to do to them. I don't want them to worry about me...

Because I don't want to worry about myself too.

Life is too short. God forbids, but I can always die tomorrow. So I want to experience everything I can everyday. I want to live life to the fullest. But how can I if I am overprotected?

Life for FT Island!

As much as I hate it, there had been several issues going around involving CNBLUE and FNC. While I don't know where and when it started, I can't help but feel really, really affected. I am a self-confessed BOICE but I love FT Island too; and I can't stand it when conflicts arise - conflicts which, I know, came up from real problems.

From how I've seen it, Primadonnas are going through a hard time right now. They are calling FNC 'biased' and 'unfair' because lots of attention are being given to CNBLUE and Juniel. It tears me apart that there is a hint of reality. I told you I'm a BOICE, and even I see that such favoritism really exists. 

I don't know so much about FT Island to back up my opinions. Look through other blogs since they will pretty much give you full details on the issue. But I guess, my assumptions that the five treasures are feeling the same were made stronger when they suddenly released a live band practice for the song 'Life'. 

When you’re standing in front of a split road, it’s okay to look back
As you see yourself getting farther ahead, you can point out where to go

The setting sun and the image of you getting smaller -
Gather your hands and wait for the day it will be shone upon again

I don’t want to remain as an ambiguous existence
Why do I lie and deceive myself everyday like a fool?
Look carefully, this isn’t me – someone please tell me
I want my true self – my life

We are also people who dream of our future
One by one, my future is getting fulfilled
But there were days when I wanted to rip it apart and throw it out
But I can’t just give up when I came all the way here

I crazily shout, asking for the missed miracles to come back
But nothing returns

Temptations that I can’t stop or forget
I will go back to them everyday so why am I standing at the end of this road?
Don’t worry, look at me right now – even if you become filled with scars
You won’t change just like how it is now

If you can’t go back to the past
Cherish this moment right now everyday
So you won’t be embarrassed with yourself that you always protect

My life

Bias aside, Life is probably one of the most beautiful, honest, and heartwarming songs I've ever heard. It was written by Hongki and Jonghun and it talks about losing oneself in the midst of fulfilling his dreams. And this, being released in time with all these controversies, it just rattles me so much.

FT Island is definitely one of the best groups in Korea. Being a band who creates their own music basically solidifies their position in the list. They are real treasures. But if rumors are true, it sucks that their own company cannot see that. If it is all true, it is disgusting that they were treated as mere lab rats for a bigger act that is CNBLUE. FT Island brought fame to FNC, for all we know. FT Island started the 'Flower Boy Band' trend indeed. If rumors are really true, I don't know anymore.

To be honest, I think favoritism is just normal. But giving everything to one group and forgetting the other is just too unfair, FNC. I am Boice and I am thankful that they are putting so much effort to boost the popularity of CNBLUE further; but FT Island deserves the same.

I wish that both bands will be treated fairly. I know that CNBLUE had to go through stages of rebellion too for their requests to be granted. FT Island must have been doing the same for so long already. So I wish FNC would just give in. After all, these bands give them recognition. It is definitely difficult to cover up that truth.

At the moment, Hongki has joined WGM, and I hope that this leads to FT Island going back to the limelight. I know there had been lots of negative publicities about him and the other members; but I hope people would give them a chance. They're really fun and honest people, and they try to get out of the conventional. They're unique and unknowingly, they're just trying to revolutionize a society. I don't see anything wrong with that. 

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What About Tomorrow?

I'm not bursting anyone's bubble. It's always great to be the superhero of yourself. But sometimes, it all gets too tiring when you wake up in the morning knowing that there is no choice but to be independent. We are all just human beings; and the necessity to feel taken care of is damn innate.

For the past years, I've been my own superhero. I did things myself because no one would do them for me. I wouldn't deny the sense of fulfillment that comes with every accomplishment. But should I also deny the fact that aside from it's tiring, it sucks to have no one to share such success with?

Of course, I have my family. But as if you don't know what I'm talking about.

image from: The Plump Pinay @ Facebook

Bigyang Halaga ang Yaman ng Meycauayan!

Buhay na naman pala ang balitang madadamay ang Simbahang Bato sa ginagawang pagpapalawak ng daan patungong tollgate sa Malhacan. Matagal ko ng naririnig ang balitang ito subalit hindi binigyang pansin dahil kung tutuusin, wala naman akong nakikitang road widening projects na ginagawa sa lugar na iyon. Pero kamakailan ay nagsimula nga ito. Ang patyo ng Simbahang Bilog (Parokya ni San Roque at San Isidro) ay pinaliit na. At matapos akong mai-tag ng isang kaibigan sa Facebook ukol sa haka-hakang ito, naisip ko na lang... Totoo nga ata.

Marami yata ang hindi nakakaalam na ang Simbahang Bato na ito ay isa sa pinakamatatandang simbahan sa Meycauayan, sa Bulacan, at sa buong bansa. Itinayo noong 1599, ito ay minsang naging sentro ng pananampalatayang Katoliko ng mga taga-Meycauayan bago ilipat ang parokya sa kasalukuyan nitong kinalalagyan sa Poblacion.

Hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit pakiramdam ko ay marami ang walang pakialam kung maalis man o hindi ang simbahang ito sa daang iyon. Siguro nga na makakapagpaluwag ng trapiko kung sakaling matanggal ito, pero anong klaseng sambayanan naman kaya tayo kung tatanggalin natin ang isang bagay na sumisimbolo sa yaman ng ating kasaysayan?

Oo, hindi ko - kasama ang aking mga kaibigan - ipinaglalaban ang simbahang ito dahil lamang sa aming relihiyon. Isa lamang iyon sa maraming dahilan. Ginagawa ko ito dahil bilang isang anak ng Meycauayan, ayokong ituring ang mga bagay na humulma sa kasaysayan ng lugar na ito bilang wala lang. At kung sakaling hindi man ako naging Katoliko, siguradong ganoon rin ang mararamdaman ko.

Hindi ko kailangang mag-dalawang isip para ipagtanggol ang kasaysayan. Totoo man o hindi, naisip kong kailangan na rin nating simulan ang petisyon para isalba hindi lamang ang Simbahang Bato, kundi ang ilan pang mga ala-ala ng maunlad at magandang kahapon ng ating lugar.

Oo, maganda ang Meycauayan. Yan ang isang bagay na nais kong ipigpilitan kaya ko sinimulan ang Meycauayan Spots sa blog na ito. Maraming lugar ang pwede nating makita at mapuntahan dito. Maraming kwento ng kahapon ang maaaring matuklasan. Maraming pwedeng matutunan. Maraming pwedeng ipagmalaki.

Kung matututo lang sana tayong magpahalaga, siguro ay mas maningning pa ang bukas na naghihintay sa atin bilang isang bayan. 

Unang pumasok sa aming mga isipan na sana ay mabigyan ng pansin ng lokal na gobyerno ang usaping ito. Darating na rin lang naman ang eleksyon, umaasa kaming magkakaroon ng puwang sa isip ng mga tumatakbo ang pagpapaunlad ng turismo sa Meycauayan. Sana ay hindi lamang patungkol sa ngayon at bukas ang inaatupag nila. Sana ay makita rin nila ang katotohanan na upang maging matagumpay ang kasalukuyan, kailangang bigyan ng pansin ang mga ala-ala ng nakaraan. Paano mo nga naman kasi maituturo sa mga susunod na henerasyon ang importansya ng pagiging isang taga-Meycauayan kung hindi mo sila mabibigyan ng patunay na may malaking puwang ang bayan na ito sa kasaysayan ng buong Pilipinas?

Inaamin kong kulang pa ang nalalaman ko tungkol sa kasaysayan ng aking bayan. Ngunit kaya nga ako naninindigan na buhayin ang mga kayamanang pang-kultura ng Meycauayan ay dahil gusto kong malaman ang lahat. Sapat na dahilan `yon para gawin ko ito.

Naniniwala ako na ang mga istrakturang ito ay ilan lamang sa nagbibigay sa atin ng ating pagkakakilanlan. Dahil sa mga importanteng bagay na ito kaya nagkakaroon ng pangalan sa bansa ang Meycauayan. Wala tayong karapatan para ipagkaila yon. Parte yon ng sistema. Bakit hindi na lang kasi natin tanggapin diba?

Inuulit ko, huwag sanang madamay ang Simbahang Bato at ang iba pang yamang pang-kultura ng Meycauayan para sa mga proyektong sinisimulan ng mga lider ng aming lugar. May magagawa ang mga lumang atraksyon na iyan para sa bayan natin... at malamang mas malaki pa ang maitutulong ng mga ito kesa sa mga nakaupo at uupo sa pwesto sa gobyerno.

Mr. Imperfect

People are born idealistic. They always want the best of everything for themselves because as human beings, we know we all deserve it. But the wrong thing about this thing is we often become perfectionists without knowing it; and we unconsciously set 'perfection' as the peak of our standards in choosing people to love.

I am guilty of this. I fell in love with someone because I thought he's perfect. During the first few years, I thought he was really one of a kind that I grew even fonder of him. I thought back then that I was so lucky because it's rare for a girl to find someone as perfect as he is. I was totally thrilled. 

Until fate had proven that he's not almighty. Incidents made me realize that he's far from the 'perfect' person that I have drawn him to be. He has flaws. He has shortcomings. He makes a lot of mistakes. 

I thought I would no longer take interest after getting exposed to his imperfections. But the opposite happened. Instead of running away, my heart took steps closer to him. Just when I thought that I would be disappointed because he wasn't the perfect man, I fell in love with him more because he isn't.

I have always believed that for you to keep the fire of love burning, you should always have reasons to keep it alive. If I didn't revoke the idea that he's perfect, my attention on him would have long been gone. I would have already find it boring to love him because there's no more need to find reasons to continue feeling that way. Excitement would have left. I must have long crossed the end of the line.

But since I've learned that he's not flawless, I was given more reasons to feel that everything's normal. His imperfections gave sense to my existence. Most things he want to know, I would teach him. Most things he couldn't do, I'll help him accomplish. I fill in voids in his life, everytime I can. And by that, we get to establish a better give-and-take relationship (even though it's a one-sided love on my part. But of course, I'm contented with that.)

Perfection is non-existent. So if you will love a person, don't love him because he's perfect. Love him because he has flaws. No questions. No hesitations. 

image source:

NOW OPEN: Bonchon Chicken SM Marilao

Good things really come to those who wait. After several weeks of anticipating, Bonchon Chicken SM Marilao is finally open! And on its third day of operation (April 11), I went there with my bestfriend to satisfy my cravings for Bulgogi wrap!

Facts first though.

Bonchon (Bon Chon = original village) Chicken is a Korean fast food chain which started in Busan, South Korea on 2002. Four years after, it has expanded its business by establishing branches in New Jersey, New York, Virginia Massachusetts and California. The reception of the international market was so great that a global headquarters for the company was formed.

It was in 2010 when Bonchon Chicken decides to serve the Asian market. On 2010, it opened its stores in the Philippines and Thailand. On 2011, a total of 50 branches had been opened worldwide, and it further expanded as it began catering its market in Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.

It is the goal of Bonchon Chicken to create a new and signature flavor of fried chicken - which people will keep coming back for. And with just more than a decade of serving amazingly crispy and tasteful recipes, I have to admit that the company has already fulfilled such objective.

No To Monotony!

Since I was young, I have never fancied monotony. Blending in with the crowd has never been part of my interests. I have this strong dislike against social uniformity and no one can actually blame me. It is my personal opinion that keeping in with the trend wouldn't really allow me to stand out. In fact, it would label me ordinary and typical - and I hate that. 

Over the years, I have managed to develop a personality which I'm rather proud of: I AM NOT AFRAID TO BE DIFFERENT. People who are close to me would know that while the whole world was going gaga over straight hair, I went for curls. When floral designs were in the trend, I did go for polka dots. When everybody were talking about Justin Bieber, I went into KPOP. (Although the last one sounds a little baffling because KPOP has actually become a fad! >.<)

Anyway, what I was saying is I would always take the road less traveled. Because aside from the fact that I hate the crowd, it's the only way I can be myself freely. If people would see me different from them, I can take my being different to extremes - and that's what I really like! I don't care if I'm tagged as crazy as long as I get to do what I want. 

It took me quite long to fully embrace this; but I don't also care if I'm judged for every actions I do. I might be tactless and boisterous most of the time, but I know my values. I know my limitations. And I definitely abhor it when someone would dictate me what to be and what to do, because that makes me feel like they don't trust my decisions.

To be honest, I hate it when I feel like I'm not trusted. It makes me feel less of a person because I don't want to be known as someone who would backstab people eventually. I'm not that type of woman. 

I am not afraid to be different because I trust myself enough to not do reckless things which would lead me to hell. I have my own way of judgments and I am fine with it. I refuse to allow people to take control of me just because I don't pass their idea of firm and proper. 

I am myself, and to hell with what others would think. 

Twinkles and Tranquility

Since I can't have a house yet, I have always wanted to design my room the way I want it. And I've taken a particular liking on a certain accent which I will probably be putting into use soon: Christmas lights.

My interest on this design started when Kim Ryeowook tweeted a photo of Donghae's room. Since then, I told myself that my own room will have something like that. With the same Super Junior photo included!

Here's the plan: I'm gonna stay away from twigs because that would most likely accumulate dirt; but I'm gonna stick with white canopies. White is obviously my favorite color and it's really such a regret that the painter (backed up by my parents) decided to ruin my all-white room plans when the house got repainted last time.

Draperies will be hung from corners to corners, to provide an alluring and magical ambiance inside my room. I want it to be cozy and comfortable as it is my own world. I want it to be like how I see in the movies. I want it to be different. 

Because my room does reflect me.

With these thoughts in mind, I browsed through the internet for some inspirations and here are what I found:

On the Road to Being Better

For the past three years, I lived off writing articles. I have decided to get into this profession because it's the only thing I am confident about. A lot of people tell me that this is something admirable because writing is definitely NOT an easy thing to do. But while I do take pride of where I am right now, I can't help but feel like there's something more that I need to be. 

Ah... I have to be better. 

Lately, I've been pondering about my writing style and how it lacks uniformity. Not that I don't want variety; it's just that re-reading my articles makes me think that I don't really put an impression on the things I write. If we are to travel to the future, chances are no one would remember anything I said, because I lack the ability to impose thoughts on others. 

For a writer like I am, such is a very depressing thing. But then, I thought of Yuxing unnie and how she often says I'm an inspiration and I thought that maybe... just maybe... I still have a chance to expand my reach and influence more people with my writing.

To do this, I realized that I need to explore life and open my mind more to everything that's happening around me. I consider it a gift that my way of thinking is quite radical because I can use it to share a different side of a story. People may be able to pick new ideas from me, which would eventually give them light in finding balance.

There really is no way I'm keeping myself at bay when it comes to my chosen profession. My pursuit to excellence is never-ending because if there's one thing which I really want to do in this life, it is to leave a legacy for the future generations. Writing is the best way I know to achieve such idealistic goal.

But as I struggle to be a better writer, how can I call that impossible? 

Youth in the Eyes of the Adults

I have one truth to expose: When the idea of youth in the eyes of the elders is brought up, the usual first thought is 'delinquency.' I don't know with others but in the Philippines, the younger generations are often bombarded with the impression that we can do nothing right. In the eyes of the elders, the youth is often synonymous to trouble. 

Being a member of the youth myself, I am saddened with this kind of perception. Sure, there are 'delinquent' people in our generation, but is there really a need to hastily generalize? It's kind of unfair. There are also lots of adults who are off the right path but it is rare for a young one to purposefully think that all adults are the same. 

I think that the problem is that adults are eaten up by their prides. I wonder how being in this world for a longer time makes them better individuals. I'm not saying that there is no need to pay respect; but you see, the quote 'respect begets respect' wasn't invented for nothing. 

We are all born different, and the youth today - being exposed to so many opportunities - are gifted with unique talents which may be of great help to the society. Not everyone of us are into trouble all the time. Some dedicate themselves to actually eradicate this insulting notion. 

But how are we going to push through with the said plan when no one trusts us? The members of the youth are constantly judged. Prejudice reigns. Because we're young, we're constantly looked down on. We are blamed for everything - and that's not exactly fun.

I've had my share of experiences. There are times when I will be asked for help; and though I just follow orders, I will still be blamed if something goes wrong. I am also often assumed to know nothing when I fully understand everything that's going on. My judgment is always questioned. My abilities are often taken advantage of.

Because I am young.

If we are to continue with this sort of social fashion, where are we going to end up? Our national hero, Jose Rizal, once said: "The youth is the hope of the nation." The young generations are definitely trying to prove he's right. Apparently, the older ones aren't ready to accept that. 


Time went fast for March. Naming it 'service' really brought me lots of opportunities to prove my worth as a Catholic. First, I got to layout the magazine for the Jubilee event of the Diocese of Malolos. Second, I was allowed to handle the exhibit for San Pedro Calungsod's feast at the Parish of St. Francis of Assisi Meycauayan. Third, PCY was certainly very busy during the Holy Week.

True enough, March was the month of service.

Now April has come and I have decided to name it 'Patience'. Easily guessed, the reason is because I want to improve my patience. I tend to be very hot-tempered always and would always refuse to wait. But let's see what will happen on this brand new month.

Hopefully, I will be able to really control my emotions all the time. I really need to work on my patience well since I am no longer young. Plus, I am being given more responsibilities. Where would being hot tempered bring me, right? Nowhere.

It's gonna be tough, for sure. But it's gonna be very rewarding if I manage to fulfill it. I, myself, is quite afraid that I'm not gonna be able to accomplish this objective; but with the grace of God, I know I will.