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angel aguilar
communication arts graduate
university of the east - caloocan
web content writer


south korea. kpop. super junior. cnblue. EXO. royal pirates. park jungsu. jung yonghwa. lee jonghyun. kris wu. lu han. kim jongin. zhang yixing. park chanyeol. byun baekhyun. huang zi tao. oh sehun. do kyungsoo. kim jongdae. kim minseok. kim junmyun. kim moonchul. kim sooyoon.
james lee.

languages. history. music. guitar. keyboards. coffee. travel. roses. natural tones. white. bob ong. manix abrera. kpop. harry potter. food. californian maki. yogurt. bibimbap. kimchi. samgyupsal. dirty ice cream. siomai. isaw. drizzles. breezes. horizons. scenery. clouds. stars and lots of stars. zodiacs. constellations. ocean. dogs. cats. photography. photoshop. church. youth group. stories. poems. articles. blog-hopping. interiors. architecture. smiles. eyes. angels. babies. people. opinions. daydreams. solitude. discoveries.

i am such a random person. i write about things i like, things i hate, things people who know me wouldn't think i'll write about. i hate my high school life for some reasons but i worship my tertiary education, and my kpop addiction. i lack on a lot of things but i do know how to compromise. and i hate waiting. i don't don't (again) believe in romance but (and) but i believe in destiny and miracles.

i could be the person you thought i am but i could be otherwise.

i am angel.

did i say kpop?