On the Road to Being Better

For the past three years, I lived off writing articles. I have decided to get into this profession because it's the only thing I am confident about. A lot of people tell me that this is something admirable because writing is definitely NOT an easy thing to do. But while I do take pride of where I am right now, I can't help but feel like there's something more that I need to be. 

Ah... I have to be better. 

Lately, I've been pondering about my writing style and how it lacks uniformity. Not that I don't want variety; it's just that re-reading my articles makes me think that I don't really put an impression on the things I write. If we are to travel to the future, chances are no one would remember anything I said, because I lack the ability to impose thoughts on others. 

For a writer like I am, such is a very depressing thing. But then, I thought of Yuxing unnie and how she often says I'm an inspiration and I thought that maybe... just maybe... I still have a chance to expand my reach and influence more people with my writing.

To do this, I realized that I need to explore life and open my mind more to everything that's happening around me. I consider it a gift that my way of thinking is quite radical because I can use it to share a different side of a story. People may be able to pick new ideas from me, which would eventually give them light in finding balance.

There really is no way I'm keeping myself at bay when it comes to my chosen profession. My pursuit to excellence is never-ending because if there's one thing which I really want to do in this life, it is to leave a legacy for the future generations. Writing is the best way I know to achieve such idealistic goal.

But as I struggle to be a better writer, how can I call that impossible? 

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