Winning Over Life

Life is demanding. It requires a lot from us and it forces us to make decisions at our own risks. Too unfair, if we try to think about it; but it is from where we get honed and molded to become genuine individuals – capable of facing crossroads and equipped with the ability to think and determine which is a better road to take.
For the second time, I have come to face an inevitable situation. I had to choose between two things – a decision which would eventually lead me to fulfilling my destiny.
And I have made a decision.
I’ll be resigning from my current job as I have been accepted to another. From being a proofreader, I am not drifting back to being a writer.
You guys might be saying ‘so what?’. But to me, it’s a matter of destiny. You see, despite my rants and whines about this present company, I have learned to appreciate my job in a short week’s time. I have graciously triumphed over the long hours of work, the vast difference of my working environment from the previous one, and the challenge of doing all these with my principles at stake. Though I have just stayed here for just a short time, I know I didn’t quit. And I know I’m not a failure.
Because I know that I have chosen the right thing to do. For so long, I’ve been trying to figure out what’s really for me and for the longest time, I’ve been wanting to feel this kind of satisfaction. It came to me, and to hell with what others will think of me, I’m not letting go of this opportunity.
I’ll be a writer again.
Of course, it’s not gonna be easy. But it’s the best thing for me to do. Technical writing has never been my game but this will serve as a good starting point to reaching my goals. Another challenge, I guess.
After being employed in two companies, I think I’m sticking with this one. It got the best working conditions – I’m working from home and I’ll be receiving a 5-digit salary ever month. I’ll also be investing on my insurances since this new company offers benefits. No need to wake up early. No need to face the smog and dirt of everyday travel. No need to spend money on skyrocketing fares and commodities. No need to buy attires and deal with the dilemma of choosing which to wear for the day. No need to bother my mom and dad in packing my lunchbox every morning. No need to do what I don’t want to do anymore!
How cool is that? Doing the thing I love the most at the comfort of my own home. Exciting!
Indeed, life is unfair. But as I’ve said before, it compensates. I am just so glad that I have known how to play its game. And you know what the technique is? Listen to what your heart is telling you. It’s risky and it may cause you sleepless nights and stressful days thinking and deciphering which is really for you. But I tell you, it’s worth it.
And don’t worry if you think you cannot hear what it is telling you. You know it already. You’re just too busy looking at others’ destinies. Focus on yours. Focus on your core gift – as how Mr. Bo Sanchez had said.
I know you can do that. Because I just did.
Good luck!