Twinkles and Tranquility

Since I can't have a house yet, I have always wanted to design my room the way I want it. And I've taken a particular liking on a certain accent which I will probably be putting into use soon: Christmas lights.

My interest on this design started when Kim Ryeowook tweeted a photo of Donghae's room. Since then, I told myself that my own room will have something like that. With the same Super Junior photo included!

Here's the plan: I'm gonna stay away from twigs because that would most likely accumulate dirt; but I'm gonna stick with white canopies. White is obviously my favorite color and it's really such a regret that the painter (backed up by my parents) decided to ruin my all-white room plans when the house got repainted last time.

Draperies will be hung from corners to corners, to provide an alluring and magical ambiance inside my room. I want it to be cozy and comfortable as it is my own world. I want it to be like how I see in the movies. I want it to be different. 

Because my room does reflect me.

With these thoughts in mind, I browsed through the internet for some inspirations and here are what I found:

While many would think that it's quite hazardous, especially in a tropical country as the Philippines, I still want to push through with this plan. Safety is a matter of control when it comes to this. It's not like I'm gonna use the lights 24/7 anyway. 

What can you say? 

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  1. That is so pretty! Just recently I also revamped my room :D

    1. IKR!!! I wonder how special would it feel to have your room lighted with these! :) oh you just did!? pictureS please!! haha :)