NOW OPEN: Bonchon Chicken SM Marilao

Good things really come to those who wait. After several weeks of anticipating, Bonchon Chicken SM Marilao is finally open! And on its third day of operation (April 11), I went there with my bestfriend to satisfy my cravings for Bulgogi wrap!

Facts first though.

Bonchon (Bon Chon = original village) Chicken is a Korean fast food chain which started in Busan, South Korea on 2002. Four years after, it has expanded its business by establishing branches in New Jersey, New York, Virginia Massachusetts and California. The reception of the international market was so great that a global headquarters for the company was formed.

It was in 2010 when Bonchon Chicken decides to serve the Asian market. On 2010, it opened its stores in the Philippines and Thailand. On 2011, a total of 50 branches had been opened worldwide, and it further expanded as it began catering its market in Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.

It is the goal of Bonchon Chicken to create a new and signature flavor of fried chicken - which people will keep coming back for. And with just more than a decade of serving amazingly crispy and tasteful recipes, I have to admit that the company has already fulfilled such objective.

So back to the actual blog! We went there at around 7:30PM and there were still quite a lot of people. Good thing we didn't have to wait to get seated.

Vhik and I decided to order bulgogi wraps, french fries and onion rings. They were delicious, especially the onion rings! The flavor lingers, and it's not spicy because the onion feels like melting in the mouth - and I am NOT exaggerating!

The design of the cup is so cute!!!

Well, our wraps were served a little late but one of their staffs was really nice to us that he kept on following up our orders even if we don't ask him to. :)

It is really a great thing that Bonchon Chicken is now at SM Marilao. I wouldn't have to go to North Edsa to feast over great Korean chicken anymore! Most meals are at 145Php and it's all worth it! I'm gonna get chapjae next time. Haven't tried it yet!

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