No To Monotony!

Since I was young, I have never fancied monotony. Blending in with the crowd has never been part of my interests. I have this strong dislike against social uniformity and no one can actually blame me. It is my personal opinion that keeping in with the trend wouldn't really allow me to stand out. In fact, it would label me ordinary and typical - and I hate that. 

Over the years, I have managed to develop a personality which I'm rather proud of: I AM NOT AFRAID TO BE DIFFERENT. People who are close to me would know that while the whole world was going gaga over straight hair, I went for curls. When floral designs were in the trend, I did go for polka dots. When everybody were talking about Justin Bieber, I went into KPOP. (Although the last one sounds a little baffling because KPOP has actually become a fad! >.<)

Anyway, what I was saying is I would always take the road less traveled. Because aside from the fact that I hate the crowd, it's the only way I can be myself freely. If people would see me different from them, I can take my being different to extremes - and that's what I really like! I don't care if I'm tagged as crazy as long as I get to do what I want. 

It took me quite long to fully embrace this; but I don't also care if I'm judged for every actions I do. I might be tactless and boisterous most of the time, but I know my values. I know my limitations. And I definitely abhor it when someone would dictate me what to be and what to do, because that makes me feel like they don't trust my decisions.

To be honest, I hate it when I feel like I'm not trusted. It makes me feel less of a person because I don't want to be known as someone who would backstab people eventually. I'm not that type of woman. 

I am not afraid to be different because I trust myself enough to not do reckless things which would lead me to hell. I have my own way of judgments and I am fine with it. I refuse to allow people to take control of me just because I don't pass their idea of firm and proper. 

I am myself, and to hell with what others would think. 

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