The Night'll Turn Blue

Poster from FNC Entertainment

It's confirmed. CNBLUE will be having a solo concert in the Philippines on June. PULP Live Productions head Happee Sy, herself, had said so via Twitter. 

And I am damn excited.

Well, I know it's not appropriate to be excited, considering the situation my family is in at the moment. But I've been waiting for this for a long time already. I have let pass the opportunity to see EXO, and is decided not to watch Super Junior. But it's a different story for CNBLUE.

For two years, I've been waiting for this, since my conversation with Weiling; and now that plans are finally confirmed, I want to assure myself that I'm going to be able to watch it no matter what. I've prayed numerous novenas for this. This was my wish when we went to Singapore. I've constantly dreamt about it.


June is my birthday month. After all that I've been doing and all that I'm going through right now, I guess I deserve this treat. I'll be sure to cry blood in front of my parents just so they'll allow me. And I need to get back my savings for the ticket.

The night's gonna turn blue for sure. I bet my life it's gonna be awesome.

Dear C-N to the BLOW, don't chu break my hurt. I'm expecting you.

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