Way before 2012 ended, I have talked to Yuxing unnie and asked her if I could also name my months - like how she does. Fortunately, she let me copy her style; and now that 2013 has officially begun, I am naming January, Faith.

Faith in God.

My faith in God had been tested quite a few times in 2012 so I wish to start strengthening my relationship with my Creator this month. I decided to do so because I want the rest of my year (and my life) to be dedicated to Him alone. He's my only hope, after all. I should never stay away from Him.

Faith in myself.

The second most important thing that I want to do this 2013 is to re-establish my identity; and there's no better time to begin this cause than January. I need to gain back my self-confidence which have obviously gone missing during the past years. This is a vital thing if I want to move forward with my life. I've been pretty stagnant and so I need to have faith to change it.

Faith in others.

I'm not exactly an anti-social person but I am admittedly a picky one when it comes to relationships. After everything I've gone through, I've learned not to trust people easily. However, I quite overdid it last year that I ended up doubting even those who I have already let into my life. It was pretty disgusting how paranoia overpowered me so this January, I'm gonna start investing more on others. I won't try to be overtly friendly and make new friends though; but I am determined to work on my present relationships and rekindle the fire of friendship and love with them.

So yeah. January's gonna be FAITH and hopefully, everything will fall into its proper places.

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