Reading a blog of an emotional person, I bet my readers are having a hard time constantly dealing with all my dramas and what-nots. However, I continue writing because I want to impart the different lessons and realizations life is constantly dumping on me. You see, I've always believed that experience is the best teacher. But at least, knowing other people's stories will help others deal with their own respective issues.

That is why I decided to constantly promote my blog. I know some may think that bloggers do this social networking stuffs for money, but it's more of spreading the words. My blog, as I believe, has lessons which some people would need to learn. I write about life most of the time and I know that in one way or another, people will pick something up from whatever I'm talking about.

One way of promoting is joining BLOGLOVIN'. It's basically a platform for various blogs where blog owners can follow each other to keep themselves updated. It's quite an assuming act to do, considering that I am nowhere near famous. Nonetheless, I can't help but just give it a try.

So if you have an account (or you're planning to have one), I hope it's not too much to ask that you follow me there. I'm not exactly an interesting person. But hopefully, I can teach you some things. Or perhaps, we can learn together.

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