A Girl on Jewelry

I am not really a fan of jewelries. I use accessories, yes; but I really don't fancy real ones - especially with large chunks of gem attached to it....

Well not until my aunt gave me this gorgeous piece. 

Not that I'm trying to sound like an expert. Heck, I don't even know what stone is in my ring. But it just feels good to have something this authentic. The ring is pure gold and has been in my aunt's possession since God-knows-when. I think this was given to her by her ex-husband (who happens to be my godfather). So since it is a hand-me-down, it's safe to say that this ring is a heirloom.

We were supposed to sell this to have money for my grandmom's hospital bills but I decided to just ask for it because for the lack of more appropriate descriptions of my feels, I was stunned by it.

I've worn this several times in the public already. Friends were teasing me that it looks like a bishop's ring so they always end up kissing the gem. That's okay, though. They still find it cute anyway. That just proves that the ring is serving its purpose - an accessory which captivates positive attention. 

Come to think of it, this ring somehow contributed to a sudden change in my personality. The more I stare at it, the more I realize how important it is for girls to have things like this. A ring, or any kind of authentic jewelry, is like a good gauge that defines the personality of a woman. I can't explain it though. I just thought of saying that, because at the moment, that's really what I feel. 

So if given a chance, I think I'll expand my collection of jewelries. Instead of buying KPOP merchandises, I think I'll save on this. The value doesn't depreciate anyway. It even increases as time goes by so I believe, this really is a good investment. 

Plus, it is important to collect jewelries as early as now. So that like this ring, I can have more heirlooms to pass onto my future grandchildren. :)

By the way, if anybody knows what gem this is, would you please tell me what it is? :) Thank you!

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