I was turning 1st year high school when I first came across a Korean drama called 'Endless Love: Autumn in my Heart'. It starred Song Hye Kyo, Song Seung Hun and Won Bin. With tears fresh from the tragic ending of Ambrose Hsu and Tammy Chen's Lavender, I decided to watch the drama. I was already addicted with Taiwanese culture back then. I never thought something else would replace it in an instant.

Although the drama brought me to a similar ending, I ended up looking forward to more Korean dramas. That's when Endless Love 2: Winter Sonata starring Choi Ji Woo, Bae Yong Jun, and the late Park Yong Ha premiered on my local television.

And that is where everything began. 

I knew I wanted to come to South Korea and learn everything about the nation when I saw Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo riding their bicycles along a path covered with golden leaves falling from the parallel line of trees in Nami Island. I became more dedicated to my dream when I saw the beautiful house in Oedo Island. 

That's when I realized that South Korea is really a beautiful country. There are so many places to visit which I know will surely take my breath away. From the stunning city view in Seoul to the immaculate wonder of Jeju Island, it makes me wonder how it would feel to really lay eyes on these wonderful perfections. 

Yes, the move of the Korean government to use their lovely spots to promote tourism is sure effective in me.

As my addiction with the Korean culture intensifies, I have found myself falling in love with the KPOP industry. Well, I've always been familiar with it (because of DBSK and Super Junior) but when I realized how much the existence of these god-like idols relates to the further beautification of their country, I indulged...

And the rest is history.

I've always believed that if you want to have something, you have to have a clear vision of it. In my case, it is my ultimate dream to spend at least three months in South Korea to visit the places I saw on their dramas, music videos, variety shows, and many more. 

Thus, I came up with a pretty nice plan to always remind myself of that dream. That is to create a site which will serve as my itinerary when I finally visit the country. It's Manager Hyung.

I named it as such because COORDINUNA inspired me to push through with this project. Manager Hyung usually refers to the man who would tirelessly assist KPOP idols to their schedules; and I envision the site to be like that - continuously convincing me to attain my goals, and others to explore the beautiful nation of South Korea.

While I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, I can say that I exert full effort in finding the destinations uploaded in the site. It's really mind-boggling determining the Korean dramas shooting locations because I've never been to South Korea and I can't understand Korean that much. Nevertheless, reviews and feedback from readers have proven me that somehow, I'm doing just fine with it.

Through Manager Hyung, it is my aim to help myself and others in realizing their dreams in going to South Korea. Traveling is one of the most rewarding activities in life and the nation is definitely one of the best places to explore. I know it's quite absurd for others because it may seem like the site is promoting stalking; but I hope people would understand how fulfilling it is for KPOP fan girls (and boys) like me to be in the a place where my idol once went. 

So if you please, I would like to ask you to pay my site a visit (and leave a comment, if you may!). And I'll see you in Korea? :)

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