Prioritizing my Priorities

I don't know how this ended up here tbh

Officially, I have ditched my much-awaited concert. EXO is already here in the Philippines and I'm not going to see them perform. It was a difficult decision to make. But when my mom said to offer the sacrifice for Lola's sake, I did it without thinking twice.

To be honest, I feel like I'm a bad granddaughter because I am praying for everything to just end already; but if you see your grandmother lying on deathbed, looking so bloated and with all the tubes attached to her body, I wonder how you're going to keep up with that.

What we're going through right now gave me a lot of realizations. One of the most important would be the fact that life really will require us to make grave decisions. Moments will come that us when would have to choose between what we really want most and what we know we have to do. I chose not to attend the concert. I chose to pray that God brings her to heaven already. I made decisions.

It is difficult; but praying helps. And if you feel like nothing's working, choose the thing which you have to do. 

As people, we should always prioritize our responsibilities. I've always believed that when the chance to get what we've long wanted will coincide with the demands of responsibilities, it means that the thing we want is not for us. 

And in the end, something better will surely come. 

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