UnionBank EON Card

Another plan realized. I now have my UnionBank EON Visa ATM/Debit Card.

This EON Card is basically a VISA ATM/Debit Card. It is a passbook-free account which requires no minimum balance. An annual fee of Php350.00 should be paid though, and it will be deducted from your balance annually.

Aside from being a debit card, the EON account may also be used to transfer money to other Unionbank accounts or even of other banks. One can also use it to pay bills online (but that's pretty much a normal feature of most banks now, so yeah...)

There are two options as to how you can open an account. First is through online application. All you have to do is to visit this LINK and follow all instructions. There are only several branches in which you can pick up your card. You can check the list HERE.

I opted for the second option - which is direct/over-the-counter application - since it's more convenient for me. I went to Unionbank in Meycauayan, filed an application, submitted my requirements, and waited for five business days for my card to be printed. I got it this morning. Cool!

The best thing about the EON card is that it allows me to enroll myself on Paypal. Meaning, I can work on Odesk now and earn money for something big this coming June. I honestly can't wait!

After getting the card, I was mentally patting myself on the back. It feels good to know that I've got several bank accounts now. I mean, I liked the fact that there are more than one place to put my money in. Meaning,  I have better motivations to save. It's humiliating if you have zero balance on your accounts, right?

Readers, I urge everyone of you to open accounts too. Your choice of bank. What matters is that you know how to save, and you're preparing for what lies ahead for you. Money may not be everything, but it sure is a major factor for a satisfied life.

For more information on the UnionBank EON Card, visit this LINK.

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