Cherry Mobile Titan W500

With my mother's permission, I bought a new phone yesterday and yes, it is the Cherry Mobile Titan W500! Often compared to Samsung S3, it actually caught my attention with its size and price. It's less than 8,000php and yet it is undeniably one of the best budget Android phones in the market nowadays.

The soft-touch feature of this ICS phone really matches well to Samsung S3's! Even my techie brother admitted that. I loved that it is so sensitive so the chance of scratching the screen is so little. But remind me to buy a screen protector, okay? Every touch-screen phone needs that accessory.

When it comes to the processor, the 1GHz dual-core processor doesn't disappoint. There may be lags when there are too many apps running, but it is really nice. I downloaded Temple Run as my gauge and it did well. The graphics may not be as sharp as Apple's and Samsung's; but for a phone worth less than 8k, it's definitely good enough.

Speaking of applications, I have downloaded some from Google Play and it was a blast! I only have Burger (YES, I LOVE THAT GAME!) and Temple Run for games; but I got Merriam-Webster Dictionary, HealthTap, and other more personal stuffs. I also got Instagram, Tumblr, Line, KakaoTalk, Viber, and WhatsApp - which I have gladly proven to be a nice app since it allowed me to talk to my Yuxing unnie until late at night - FOR FREE. ♥

I'll be downloading more later. It's a good thing there's a lot of FREE applications for Android phones! Yehey!

As for Wi-Fi, I must admit I haven't tested it yet. When I bought the phone at SM Marilao yesterday, it detected the connection rather fast but I blame the mall's connection for being so slow. I wasn't able to use it. I should have gone to SBX, you think? But then, when we use GPRS, Titan really matches up for my need. LOL. 

Memory-wise, Titan has a built-in 4GB memory, and I added another 4GB to support my KPOP addiction. I'm pretty sure this will brim with videos soon. hihihi.

However, there is something which I think makes me think if I did the right decision. The camera. It promised me a 5MP camera but apparently, it is not as good as it should be. Photos are still noisy, even in broad daylight so I'm rather disappointed, considering that I bought the phone for the camera.

Second, the battery does not last that long, but I guess mine's better than the Flare unit a couple brought on the store when I was buying the phone. They said their phone battery gets emptied in just a matter of 45 minutes. Funny, but possible. Mine lasted for more than 5 hours (factory charge), but it got drained as I woke up. It gave me quite a fright when my phone won't open, tbh. Hmm... I'm charging it at the moment. Let's see what would happen.

I am not really a techie person but somehow, I want to say that Cherry Mobile did a rather good job with Titan W500. I just hope it would last long and beat my old Samsung which I've been using for more than 3 years now. 


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