Sexy Oxford

There is no such thing as 'too many' for girls when it comes to shoes. So last night, I gave in to the temptation and bought a new pair from Primadonna. Thanks to the money my aunt gave me before she left for Australia, I was able to have this new baby.

It is easy to say that it was love at first sight. I've been wanting this style since God-knows-when, but everything I found were too expensive. That is why I was really enthralled when I found this on sale. Indeed, shopping in provincial malls really has its perks. Most items sold at regular prices in major branches are often sold here for discounted amounts. I got this for Php799.95, original price is Php1,999.95. How cool is that? Thank you SM MARILAO!

What basically drew me to it is the uniqueness of its design. It gives off the Oxford-vibe yet retains the sexy with its 5-inches chunky heels - which I find really irresistible. When I tried it on, it wasn't really cozy at first but after some steps, I immediately found comfort. With lady socks on, it's surely going to be 대박!

I think the only problem here is that I've got no much attires to match this baby with. Indeed, the more you have, the more you'll need. Nonetheless, I found one which is what I might be wearing on Sunday. It's a casual ensemble consisting of semi-denim light blue top and dark skinny jeans. I'm aiming for an effortless look and with the help of this pair of shoes, I'm pretty positive that I'll be able to pull it off well.

I know it's quite inappropriate that I bought one amid the situation we're in. We'll, it's understandable. 800 is 800 still. But as how Kuya Marvin had pointed out, there's nothing wrong with buying what I want as long as I don't forget my responsibilities. Besides, I deserve this kind of treat. Shoes are my addiction. Seeing them stacked on my shelf makes me feel better. There's never 'too many' of it. 

PLUS, I've learned from Meteor Garden that shopping for shoes is best done on impulse. Because if you let an opportunity pass, you might end up regretting because another person took what you didn't. The feeling won't be nice... and I know it.

So all of you who are always thinking twice when it comes to shoes, never hesitate. Beautiful shoes are always a must for beautiful people. Don't deprive yourself of the opportunities it brings.

And beautiful pairs of shoes bring luck too... Believe me.  I know. hihihi. ^.^

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