Seeing Things on HD

I guess even fate is really taking the 'RESTART' thing for February seriously. Tina broke my old pair of eyeglasses so I was forced to get a new one. It was admittedly annoying considering that I had to spend money again, but I eventually realized that perhaps, it was fate's one way of telling me that to start again, I should be able to see things clearly. 

This pair of new eyeglasses become a metaphor to me then. You see, life has been terrifyingly blurred for me during the past month and if not for my faith, I would have literally lost it. Thus, it's time to see things the way it is now. No more haziness. No more blindness. 

It's time to see the truth, and drift away from the blurry images. It's time to look at things on a bigger and clearer perspective to not hurt anymore. I'm no longer in the position to cry over petty things, and it is thus necessary to emancipate myself from all these senseless emotions. As what my friend had pointed out, I don't deserve this. 

And I'll make sure I get what I deserve. Wearing my new pair of eyeglasses, I'll start seeing life in HD.

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