Financial Restart

To keep up with my goal to restart my life this February, I have decided to open a new savings account in PS Bank using some of the money I've loaned from the cooperative. It wasn't really my intention but instead of putting my money on a financial institution with no assurance, I thought that this was a better place for my finances. PS Bank is hailed as one of the top 5 banks in the Philippines (and the only savings bank to have been included in the list) so I am pretty sure that I did the right decision. 

What's greater is that the passbook comes with a Debit MasterCard. It's basically a simple ATM which I can use for cashless shopping. Well, I do that with my BPI card most times; but what makes this one different is that this card may be used for internet shopping. I've used it to renew my domain at NameCheap and it worked!

 Meaning, I no longer need a credit card to buy from online shops or book flights which could practically bury me on a mountain of debts. This Debit MasterCard from PSBank will only work as long as I have money on my account. I can then spend within my budget and cut the crap on impulsive buying.

Furthermore, the passbook is so cute! 

Should you wish to check out other details about PSBank, you can visit :)

This is probably one of the greater decisions I have made after the new year started. It feels good to actually do something for myself, in preparation for my future. After applying for a medical insurance, opening a PSBank account makes me feel like there'll really be something waiting for me as I grow old. 

As for others, I invite you guys to open your bank accounts too. Your choices of banks. What matters is that  you have your savings which you will use for emergencies and future expenses. You'll never know what will happen right? So it's best to be ready.

Plus, do not deprive yourself of that certain feeling of fulfillment when you see that your account actually has money in it. Seeing the numbers printed on the leaves of your passbook, or even coming to the bank and filling up a deposit slip, is very comforting and assuring. You'll certainly like it. 

There's no such thing as 'too late' when it comes to savings; but I suggest that you start it when you're still young. Prepare for your future because no one else would do that for you. 

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