A Love Month Treat from PixelFish

So it's the Love Month! And to celebrate it, PixelFish Concept is holding an extra ordinary Valentine treat! If you wish to have a FREE PRE-NUPTIAL PHOTO AND VIDEO COVERAGE for your forthcoming wedding, I cordially invite you to take part on LOVESTRUCK: A PixelFish Valentine Treat.

PixelFish Concept is a group of talented individuals who are greatly experienced in the field of productions. I can tell because I am friends with them and we've worked on a lot of events when we were in college. Professionally, they already covered lots of weddings and events, including the recent wedding of Mariz Umali and Raffy Tima. So there is no point in thinking twice about joining the fun. It's gonna be worth it. 

The procedure is specified in the image and it's really pretty easy for a prize as extravagant as this. So if you are planning to get married soon and is wishing to cut on the budget by finding free stuffs, join and make your pre-nuptial shoot a lot more memorable. :)

I think this is open for Philippine residents only. hihi.

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