Chapter Closed


A few days ago, we were finally allowed to get Nanay out of that hospital. The process was excruciating to the mind and quite discriminating, but alas we've gotten out of it. We had a balance on the almost half-a-million bill - which we have finally settled today. 

So it is safe to say that it's a chapter closed now. 

Frankly speaking, I can now breathe. Things had fallen into its proper places. Unexpected moves from my mothers's siblings were seen, and I don't want to deny them of the credits. They paid for the remaining balance in consideration for me and my mother. I know it had been difficult among us all but I don't want to be ungrateful so I am thanking them with all of my heart. 

Also, I would like to extend the gratitude - in behalf of my family - to those who have assisted us in any way possible. Financial helps came from friends from work, KPOP and school. I really want to thank you guys for being so considerate. You never hesitated when I called, and really, it meant a lot to me. Indeed, you'll know who your real friends are in the darkest of times. 

And how can I forget? I humbly kneel before God, Mother Mary, St. Therese, and St. Jude for all the guidance and speedy help I was provided with. I thank all of You for never leaving our sides during the toughest times. Your love is indeed the greatest of all. Thank You for being my comfort. 

It is not a secret how difficult things had been, but I can now say that we've gone past that. It was a horrible experience, yet a fruitful one. My faith had been restored and I've realized a lot of things. Now that it's February, it's time to restart my life. It's time to face the world as a different person - a better one at that. 

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