Health First!

인슈랜스 왔다!!! 

Just earlier this week, I submitted my application for a Maxicare Insurance and surprisingly, it was approved just a few days after. I have received the statement of account this morning through mail. 대박. I'll just have to pay my dues before the end of the month and then I can start enjoying its benefits.

If you ask me, I believe every person should apply for a medical insurance. First of all, it is the best ally against emergencies. Nothing is certain in life and anything can happen nowadays, so it would be best to always be ready. A medical insurance will serve as a guarantee that one has the immediate means to pay for the hospitalization and doctors' fees. 

And second, we all know that healthcare in the Philippines is not cheap. I could actually say that it has already become a privilege, instead of being an opportunity for everyone. If unlucky, the hospital would even act as a business rather than a facility (like what happened to us!) - and that is what a health insurance would save you from. Insurances like this may serve as cash, if you don't have it. 

There are many health insurance facilities operating in the country. I checked some of them and decided to apply for Maxicare. Aside from the fact that my best friend works there, I was convinced by the packages they offer. It's cheap, compared with others; yet it promises a wide range of benefits. Payment is quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. Should you wish to know more about it, you can visit its website at Use their quick plan computation feature to know which package is for you and how much you would have to pay at your age. 

Indeed, a medical insurance has become a necessity in the Philippines; and I suggest that all of you consider getting one. 

우리 빅토리야에게 너무 너무 고마웠죠!!!

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