The Joy in Writing Fanfics

I can still remember.

I never liked fan fictions. I was already a delusional fan and I do not want to add more fuel to the fire, or it will be more obvious. Plus, I couldn't stand reading stories on the computer because it makes my eyes hurt. I don't have a printer and I wouldn't really spend money printing something which I couldn't use for a long time.

But you see, things change. And before I knew it, I have written more than 20 fan fictions already... and I'm writing more.

Literally confused with myself, I tried to narrow down my reasons why I started reading - and writing - these fictional stories about my idols. And one thing I found out: It's because fanfictions allow us, fans, to satisfy our delusions more than anything else.

You see, Super Junior does not live in a Big Brother house. I couldn't see them 24/7; and since I want them to enjoy their privacy, I divert my attentions and let my imaginations answer all the questions in my mind about the group.

So that's basically the purpose of fanfictions to me. I just do not know if I share the same thoughts with people.

Now to people reading my fictions, what else could I say but thank you? :) Sharing the same thoughts with me, guys... you're all the best. <3

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