Now I Know

Sometimes in our lives, we get to meet someone who sweeps us off our feet; someone who gives our lives a brand new definition; someone who makes us think of a bright future; someone who we will be ready to give up everything for.
It feels good to meet someone like that. What’s better, though, is when they give us attention and makes us see a ray of hope in the middle of the darkness. More than that, we see the impossible turning real and we keep hoping for that.
We believe we’re special. We believe we’re in the pedestal. We believe we’re doing things fine; when in fact, we’re not.
The impossible remains the impossible. The dream remains to be a dream. The future we’ve seen is just a future of imaginations and none of it can ever come true.
And all we can do is to give up. The recoil will most definitely be too much to bear…
This is the story of my life and I don’t know when it started. All I know is that every time I give romance the chance to prove its worth to me, the more I realize that it should be me who should prove myself to it. But how I can do it, I really have no idea.
Truth is I don’t know what I’m saying. Is this because of disappointment? Is this because of the frustration? Is this because for the nth time, I was failed by my imaginations and the truth was once again slapped in my face that this game isn’t really for me?
I guess better luck next time… or not.

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