When You’re No Longer Happy, Quit.

I was raised believing that quitting signifies weakness. I spent half of my life believing so. Thank God, I have given myself a chance to be critical. If not, I couldn’t have known that quitting was never a move for losers…
It’s indeed a move done by brave people.
I have decided to file my resignation today. And I tell you, there are no regrets. I tell people that it’s in order for me to do my fangirling well or so I can stalk X-Crew fulltime… But truthfully, it’s because I’m no longer happy.
As I’ve said before, employment isn’t just about how much I earn. It’s not just about the fact that I work in Makati City. Because it is more than paychecks and impression. Definitely more than those two things.
To me, employment is about doing what I want to do, practicing what I have learned to do and being the best at it.
To me, employment is waking up every morning, feeling the excitement of going to work knowing that I’d be productive the whole day.
To me, employment is stressing myself because the pressure is building up everytime I look in the calendar and see a deadline.
To me, employment is being extremely busy that I could no longer find time to sleep.. Always tired but always fulfilled.
To me, employment is dealing with people who has the same belief and passion as mine.
To me, employment is knowing what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and what you’re doing it for.
To me, employment is not just making a living but living a life.
Quitting has been my only option to live the life I’ve always dreamed of. Even though there’s no assurance of how my future may be.

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