We Know But We Don’t.

We know exactly what we have to do, but for some blatant or obscure reasons, we do not want to do it.
I am a living proof, and I know much are like me. We constantly complain, we constantly question everything. We want everything to change, but it should be instant – like magic.
But there is no such thing as magic.We were just so idealistic that we fail to realize that it’s not a fantasy land we’re in. We forget that we are in a world where everything must be worked for, where everything is real.
Look. When we’re hurt, we tend to cry, scream, curse a lot, and even blame other people. Then we wish it’ll end soon. Then we woke up the next morning, with the same feeling, so we question God why He let you wake up with the pain.
Gosh. Once again, life’s not magic. Healing is not an overnight process. If it is, nobody can be called “strong”.
And we shouldn’t question God. We should question Him for the repeated cycle of our heartaches and disappointments. We’re not in the position to do so, and we’re clueless of His plans.
Here’s the catch: We hurt because of mistakes, and since we hurt for the same reasons, it means we commit the same mistakes.
And we know how to make it right, but we are so stubborn to do so. Because we don’t want things slow. Because we want it abrupt, we want it instant.
That’s why we’re stuck with the past. We tend to dwell on what’s no longer there. And as we commit the same mistakes over and over again, we get hurt like it’s never gonna end.
Everyone, here’s one truth we have to face: we have a choice. We always have the options. So please pick the best one, and never regret.

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