Problems are not Problems Unless We Call it a ‘Problem’

One morning, I woke up with a heavy feeling – like something’s gonna happen. I was damn restless that whole day, until something indeed came up. Humiliation and embarrassment dawned on me like old pals dreaming to infiltrate my mind and soul again.
I was too damn affected. I tried to laugh it off and put myself in a state of denial. But when I couldn’t take it anymore, I gave up…
…and cut my hair.
Then, in an instant, I became okay.
It was an abrupt decision; and my hair which used to be shoulder length and curly is now in a 2×4 apple cut, with cheek-length fringes. Ala-Rihanna. I know it doesn’t fit, especially that my body is this huge. Nevertheless, I think it looks better.
I think that’s my escape. It’s the best counter attack against depression and stress. To me, cutting my hair gives off an instant new beginning. To me, cutting my hair is like ending an old story and starting with a new one – a new life, a new day, a new me.
You see, people have these ways of escaping problems. Yes, escaping and not solving. Because sometimes, the things we perceive as problems are mere products of our imaginations. Like, it’s nothing but a ghost we create for ourselves.
So sometimes, our problems need no solving. It simply requires us to take a step forward and move further with the plans we have for ourselves. It often gets tricky, and that is the reason why people end up depressed. They go crazy finding solutions, when in fact, there’s none at all.
I hope those who read this will get my message. Life is too simple. It’s just us who makes it complicated. Remember, something would not become a problem if we don’t call it a problem. ‘Challenge’ would be a better term – some needs solving while some just have to be disregarded.

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