For You... From Tablo.

I am not a Tablo die-hard fanatic. I love him, and Epik High, though. I was one of the millions who got affected and sympathized with him when he was on his darkest moments of his life...

And now that he's back in the game, he starts anew and posted this image on his Facebook fan page. 

Just by the message, "May the sky rain down smiles," you would easily sense that behind the bad-boy looking rapper is a genius personality which thinks before doing anything... And the "Thank you for breathing" is just too wonderful not to be apprehended.

I do not know Tablo that much. But I can tell you that he's a wonderful person. His music speaks of who he is. And if you listen to it, you'll know that you have just known one of the most important people this world has ever produced. ^^

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