Why KPOP Fans are Selfish and Immature

There was the spreading of Gwiyomi. Then this Chicser issue. Bot were preceded by thousand more issues highlighting the selfishness and immaturity of KPOP fans. While I do condemn the uncalled-for application of those attitudes in most times, I have to not - for the sake of balance - why in the world are KPOP fans being that way.

I have to admit this. It was kinda awkward for me when Gwiyomi became sensationalized in the Philippines. Probably, a part of it is because I am not a fan of the girl who actually caused it. But I think it stems out more from the fact that I hate normotic people - people who will like something just because it's in. 

I stood corrected as to where Gwiyomi came from. It was actually a song from Hari and was popularized by BTOB's Ilhoon. I think he did it at BTOB Diary first. Since then, lots of other artists in Korea did it too - replacing the sensational bbuing bbuing. 

But of course, not many would know what bbuing bbuing is. That's another treasure for us, KPOP fans. 

Let me explain in detail: KPOP fans (and I mean the serious ones) are oriented that we live in a world of our own. Others may laugh at this idea but we take KPOP being a sanctuary seriously. This is our escape from the real world where people are content with living their lives ordinarily. In a way, we were pushed into closing our doors because as we do, we feel intruded by the ridiculous and unnecessary comments people relentlessly throw about our interests.  

Gwiyomi is one of the fun things about KPOP before. It's like an interesting thing which is shared only by the fans. Exaggerated as it may seem, it's one of those languages which we use to determine who's with us and who's not. And now, seeing others do it as well feels awkward. Like our world was infiltrated. 

It made me ask why is that when something Korean turns into a fad, it suddenly becomes acceptable and people who do it are 'normal'; but when it's not yet known to the 'outside world', people doing it are considered freaks. 

You see my point? I do not really hate it when non-KPOP fans do it. I hate it when I see it done by the very same people who would make fun (in a negative way) of KPOP every chance they get. I know some of them. I have experienced this myself. They used to call me stupid and a freak for singing a song they don't understand... And then Gwiyomi becomes a hit and they began doing it like they've liked it all along. People change. Interest varies. I know that, of course. But you know when someone's being a plain hypocrite. 

Understand it, everyone. Many KPOP fans have actually learned (the hard way) that selfishness is SOMETIMES the only way to defy hypocrisy.

Originality is a vital virtue among KPOP fans. So it's pretty self-explanatory why some of our lot went crazy about the SHINEe/CHICSER issue. I admit I didn't know the latter and it's too early to judge them but even a elementary student can tell that SHINEe's concept was copied. 

Of course, that may not be CHICSER's fault; but this issue was blown out of proportion because of the exchange of comments between both groups' fans.

Again, I strongly discourage the display of immaturity among KPOP fans. I hate it when some just have to react on everything. As I've said before, "Kaya maraming nag-aaway ay dahil maraming mapagpatol." It's a battle of sharp tongues. I should admit, it's fun to read. But if it gets on too long, it turns annoying. 

I do admit that KPOP fans can be totally sarcastic as our biases are often the first victims. But why did the KPOP fans acted immaturely? First, originality was defied. Second, generalization was done. 

The issue was between SHINEe/Chicser fans. But the whole KPOP fandom was called 'cheap'. That's quite funny because there people obviously don't know what they're talking about. If KPOP is cheap, concert tickets wouldn't amount to up to 15,000php each; merchandises won't be priced at thousands; and albums even locally produced won't amount to 500php or more. 

Obviously, immaturity sucks. But I guess, ignorance does more.

For many KPOP fas, KPOP is sacred. We aren't just normal fans who admire. The virtue of dedication is kinda imbued within us, and we didn't even thought it would turn into this at first. We are not crazy. We are just people who admire those who we get so much inspiration from. And ordinary people won't even understand this. 

I do admit that I also hate some people within the KPOP industry; but I guess, like a family that we all are, that's normal. But we deal with it on our own; because this is our world. And we must protect it. Selfishness and immaturity are eyebrow-raising attitudes which are not tolerated in a society. But reasons exist; and we aim to be understood. 

If not, it's better to just let us be. 


I wrote this when the issue about Chicser and SHINee/Gwiyomi first came out.
I don't intend to bring up the issue again.
I just want to share and not put to waste what I have written in the past.
Never has it been my intention to start a fire of hatred between people. 
Clearly, I just want to implore people to see that everything happens for a reason.

And this is OUR reason.

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