Grace 2.0

Well, since I started June, I have already known that the concept of Grace would continue beyond the month. It happened with Patience. Grace was a given.

I failed to be graceful. Frankly speaking, it is because I was kinda hesitating about changing myself. I have denied it but in the end, I have realized that I wanted to change for someone. And I shouldn't have joked on myself and insisted that I do it. If I didn't, I wouldn't have used that name immediately. I would've waited.

And probably, I'm ready.

I have turned 24 last month and it is safe to say that I am being awaken to the reality that it's time to move. There's a life to be lived, and I had it waiting since God-knows-when. I have started to act on my future and I am hoping that there's gonna be no more distractions and left turns. I've decided to make things right, by doing the right things.

That's why I think July would have been a proper month for Grace. This time, I know I am doing this for myself alone and nobody else; and I think that will make all the difference.

I know this sounds funny but at the moment, I still feel like the ugly duckling... but I know I'm getting there. I know and I hope that by the end of the month (or year?), I'll be the beautiful swan that I want to be. You know, the swan who is never looked down on. I have discarded the desire to be thin and beautiful for the moment. I just want to work on my attitudes and eradicate those repulsive things in me.


What am I even saying. LOL

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