It Has Ended: A Message of Gratitude

May 26, my grandmother died. It has been two weeks since that fateful night and tomorrow, we'll be bringing her to her final resting place. After a mass at the Hulo Chapel at around 3PM, she will be buried at the Meycauayan Memorial Park in Zamora.

And then everything will end. And we'll all be starting a new life.

In behalf of the Torres-Aguilar family, I am thanking everyone who had been with us through thick and thin. Thank you to those who sent emotional support since those fateful days at the regretful Meycauayan Doctors' Hospital. Based on experience, I urge all of you to NOT admit your families and friends there. I can pinpoint a lot of things we can connect to medical malpractice and indifference towards patients but then just message me for the whole story. 

Also, thank you to those who had readily provided us with financial help. I am very particular with our friends who never hesitated to shed out cash to help. Thank you for being patient. I will surely settle those remaining balances as soon as I can. Thank you for proving me that during the darkest days, friends can turn into families; and families can totally turn into strangers. 

My best friends - Victoria, Louie and Tina - deserve a special mention for ALWAYS being there. As in ALWAYS.

To the members and friends from the Parish Commission on Youth as well as the priests in the parish, you guys have been my constant strength and shock absorbers and I wouldn't know what I could have done without all of you. Thank you for assisting me with everything, and providing me with laughter and fun, amid the mourning and grief.

Lui and Ivan, thank you that you guys listened. As it has ended already, I'm gonna get off your backs now. 

To Tita Mercy and Tita Menchie, for being Nanay's daughters and Mama's sisters. We couldn't provide my mother with the kind of comfort which only the two of you can give. Thank you for not abandoning us. Thank you for being responsible children to Lola despite all the things you're both going through too. 

And to God, thank You for finally ending Nanay's sufferings. It was a long preparation for meeting You; but I know it's worth it. My grandmother's now there, and please tell her that although I wasn't able to show it, I love her and I will always remember her. 

I know I may not seem like someone actually passed away. During the last two weeks, I have been seen so bubbly and noisy; but deep inside, the little girl is hurting that someone so loved has left me behind again. But the thought that I still have life to make the most out of is enough to keep me going.

I hope that all of you will continue staying with us, even after the end. God bless us all.

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