Luhan: An Enthralling Inspiration

Aside from the fact that I have seen CNBLUE, what makes my birthday a lot more special is the fact that I finally get to see Luhan play the game he loves the most: SOCCER. He participated in a Korea-China friendly match held in Shanghai with Xiumin, and I tell you… It’s more difficult to get over the memory of seeing him running around the green field in that blue uniform and a pair of orange shoes.

Chinese Soccer’s Hidden Card
To those who don’t know, Luhan is not just good at singing, dancing and looking good. He is also a master of Rubik’s cube, and of course, soccer. During their debut era in 2012, it has been revealed that Luhan was a part of his school’s soccer team in Beijing. In an interview I saw a year ago, some of his former schoolmates and teachers were so proud about how good Luhan is in the field. In some accounts, it was even said that whatever team Luhan’s in is bound to win the game.

Being so biased, I was instantly convinced that he’s a good soccer player. But only when I saw him really play that I was convinced about his prowess. I watched the clips through a video on Youtube and though my knowledge about this sport is minimal, I can tell. Luhan can play.

He was fast and was always where the action is. Comments in Weibo said even those who don’t know him were astounded at how good he can play. I remember one particular post saying that her father had been a fan of soccer for 17 years and he told his daughter that the Shanghai team should sign that orange-haired boy to the team because he is good; and boy, it made me feel so proud.

Obviously, the older members of the Chinese team had taken a liking on Luhan. I believe he was let into the game longer than expected. Even the reporters who even said that “we shouldn’t judge their soccer-playing seriously” were totally impressed.  

Living the Dream
But why I am more impressed is beyond the fact that he can play. It’s because that very moment, Luhan got to fulfill his dream. And for me, nothing is more important than that.

It is never a secret that Luhan is a huge fan of Manchester United; and in that game, he played head on against former captain Park Jisung - the most celebrated Korean soccer player in history – during the first two minutes of being in the game. It was a simple thing, if you will think about it; but the fact that he managed to display fierce defense against his respected idol, I see it as a grand accomplishment already.

The whole time I was watching the game clips, I can’t help but grin in front of my computer. It’s needless to say that I am proud, but that’s what I am. Seeing the fan-taken pictures and how Luhan’s eyes sparkle in every shot, I can tell that he was happy to be where he was that moment. In an interview in the past, he said that if he isn’t an idol, he would have worked his way to becoming a soccer player. And as he run across the green field while playing against the people he looks up to, I knew he’s living his dream; and he has shown the whole world that he can be the best at it.

Enthralling Inspiration
The game happened on my birthday; and as I’ve said, it’s probably one of the best gifts I have ever received; and it’s basically not just about seeing Luhan do what he loves most. It’s more of realizing that without words, I have once again found a great inspiration.

Truth is, the quarter-life-syndrome has hit me years earlier than expected. Lately, I have been very whiny about not achieving anything yet when I’m almost 25. I have grown envious of younger people who are already on top of their games. Luhan’s included, of course; but knowing his background and what he had to do (as well as the stories I know about KPOP idols) to get to where he is, I realized that it is never too late for me to begin.

Luhan’s game further explained to me the important of holding on to your dreams. He has already accomplished his goal of being a world-famous idol by persevering and becoming an indelible member of EXO; and now, he has just fulfilled his dream of showing everyone that he is good at soccer too.

More so, this man has proven me that you can always be in different places at one time. I mean this in a figurative way. Luhan’s an idol; but he can also be a soccer player. Luhan’s a rather simple man, but he can be a great inspiration to anyone.

And for that, I feel so thankful.

Months back, I told myself that I need to stay away from my fandoms. I have to prioritize myself and make myself real happy this time – you know, buy stuffs and go to places. I promised myself that after CNBLUE, it’s time for my retirement. It has been roughly six years already anyway; but looking at Luhan and the rest of the EXO members (and Super Junior and CNBLUE), I ended up concluding that these groups will always be part of my genuine happiness.

And Luhan… 

Luhan will always be a part of whatever I will be.


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