Adriano-Domigpe Nuptials: Celebrating the Golden I DO's

In the age when nothing seems certain anymore, relationships dying and couples falling apart has become a normal occurrence in our everyday living, it is a very pleasant relief to know that for some people, love is still working. And what makes it better is that, I know the couple.

On June 15th, Tatay Doro and Nanay Pacing celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary at the Parish of St. Francis of Assisi in Meycauayan. It was an intimate event shared only by the closest families and friends, prepared by the children of the couple. I was able to take part of the preparations though I couldn't make it to the event; and it felt good to do something for them.

Looking at the pictures, I can't help but admire the strong bond these two share. I haven't known them for a long time actually but it's really inspiring how they stuck together after 50 years of being together. I knew some of their stories, their challenges, their successes; and I have to say that they really love each other... a lot.

This made me realize: True love indeed has no boundaries. These two share more than ten years of age difference but look how long they have been together. I think it's so wonderful to see love working like this - irreplaceable, irrevocable, eternal. Isn't it a relief to know that there are still people who know what loyalty is?

As I've said, we've come to the age when commitment no longer matters to many. I am a Catholic and matrimony is a sacred thing for me, so I kinda get emotional when I see wedded couples separate ways just because of slight differences. I wish every pair would be like Tatay Doro and Nanay Pacing, who have kept the fire burning together for each other, and for their family.

Because of this celebration, I found greater hope on love. I found it more pleasant. I found it more gratifying. I found it more special that it already is. It's so amazing to realize that even though love doesn't work for me, it does for others. That, I think, is enough for me to believe in its existence.

My parents have been married for more than 25 years now; and I am glad to tell you that despite the constant bickering and fights between the two of them (or sometimes, it's them vs me), they are sticking together hopefully. I look forward to their 50th anniversary too, because I am sure to do the same thing Kuya Marvin did, for them.

To Nanay Pacing and Tatay Doro, may your relationship be filled with more love and blessings. Thank you for inspiring me with your faith in God and with each other. Let eternal happiness pour itself on you as you continue your journey as Mr. and Mrs. Domigpe. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary! We love you!

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