Tully's Coffee (Valenzuela)

After a grueling day of work, my body succumbed to tiredness and convinced my mind that I am in need of a break. So hitting two birds at one throw, I asked my bestfriend to come with me to Tully's Coffee in Valenzuela. It's a cute coffee shop, a first in the city as far as I know, located just across the Valenzuela City Hall in Malinta. 

Tully's Coffee is a nice place for some quiet, if you ask me. The atmosphere is really comfortable. The interior's cozy, and I attribute much of it to the soft light the place used. There's free Wi-Fi, although I didn't use it. And the range of product prices are lower than the typical coffee shops. 

Armed with an excellent camera, I took the opportunity to snap some photos hoping that it could promote the establishment in one way or another.

They've got this small corner for kids, and I think that sets this one apart from other places.
It pays attention to its young customers!

Caramel Macchiato! ♥♥♥ 

Brown and white sugar packets~

I didn't like the cakes the first time I tried it but Bacon and Cheese is 짱! 

Tully's Coffee
McArthur Hiway, Malinta, Valenzuela City

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