A Tour around the Immaculate Conception Seminary

In Bulacan, there is the Immaculate Conception Seminary. It is a place where young men are schooled and trained in preparation for priesthood. I am not sure if it's open to public but since the first part of the Diocesan event we were tasked to cover was held there, I got the chance to freely roam around the area and take in the beauty of the place.

Thanks to the fact that Lui lent me his camera, I can share with you these pictures:

The white building is the MINOR. It is the classrooms are located. ^^

The beautiful chapel.
When I entered the place, there were lots of bibles and school stuffs in the pews.

This is the ICS Gym.
You can see the holes in the slanted ceilings in the corner?
Those amazed me. If you see the interior of the gym, you'll see that the concrete bleachers got holes,
and I think they designed it that way for added ventilation.
Genius! :)

The cat was hurt :(

One thing I loved most about the ICS is the presence of nature! :)
I so love the green environment!

This statue was located beside the Minor's main door. 
It crept me out, seriously.

Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, everyone?

They've got these for the Station of the Cross around the whole seminary complex.

So that's it!
I loved the place, and I'm looking forward to when we will come back there next month.
It's just close to the Bethany (Sto. NiƱo Orphanage) so I want to take the opportunity to go there and visit the kids ♥

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