Those Children Within Us

I don't know what to feel whenever I see young children wearing their school uniforms. It excites me to see them actually attending school (mainly because I want everyone in the country to be educated); but at the same time, it makes me nostalgic and envious because I know I can never be like them again.

When I was a kid, I've always wanted to grow up fast. I want to be an adult to escape the being 'overprotective' of my parents over me. I wanted to make my own decisions, do things my own pace and in accordance to my own discretion.

Admittedly, I failed to enjoy school as much as it didn't enjoy me. I blame myself partly for all the regretful things I've been through back then. If I didn't hurry into becoming an adult, I could have created better memories to relish now. 

But obviously, it's all too late.

Right now, I just want to be a student again, who only thinks about examinations and other academic stuffs. I just want to be a student again, who believes that the biggest problem is when you get a grade in the line of 7. 

Being an adult is currently taking its toll on me. You see, all the responsibilities which I'm never ready for are dumping themselves like I'm some kind of Wonderwoman. This year had been so challenging, and I'm feeling like I'm this (-) close to giving up. 

But I know that I shouldn't. I can't.

Life, despite being so difficult and harsh on adults like me, is still a vast dimension of opportunities. Whether we're all kids or already adults, we are still entitled to different chances to be happy. We are all at liberty to create more memories which we can cherish in the future... and make friends like how these children in the pictures did. 

It is just normal to wish to be young again; but what we fail to realize is that we all remain as children, in one way or another. Inside, there's still this 5-year old us who are ready to come out as soon as we permit it. 

Yes, for our inner child to come out, we need to let it.

I know most of you are familiar with Naruto. He's a ninja of the Konoha Village who was condemned (for the lack of better word) because sealed inside him is the Kyubi, a nine-tailed monster which has the greatest power among the nine beasts in the world of ninjas. He was devious, cunning, short-tempered and hard to control... but Naruto managed to tame him, and we all eventually learned that he has a name - Kurama.

Now how does that relate to this? I personally think that the situation of Naruto and Kurama is similar to the situation of everyone so obsessed with adulthood. We condemn ourselves because of the child within us, thinking that if we unleash that, the world will judge us for not acting our age. But you see, what gives power to our being adult is actually our childhood. We look at it like it's something that should be kept hidden, along with the secrets and mistakes that we committed in the past.

But you see, it has a name. It is us. So why should we get ashamed? Like Kurama, the children within us have reasons why they did whatever they did before. If only we learn how to accept it... If only we learn how to just let go of the past and live in the present for the future...

We can all be kids again because that part of us never left. Even though faced with so many adult problems in life, we can always go back to who were when we were younger. Most times, it helps. Believe me.

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