The Awesome Accident of Coming Across the MONSTAR.

It was by pure accident that I found my newest Korean drama addiction: MONSTAR. Monstar is actually a wordplay for the words 'monster' and 'star'. It is about Yoon Seolchan (Yong Junhyung), a famous idol who had to go to school to clear up his reputation (after accidentally hitting a sasaeng fan). There, he will get close to new transfer and former shepherd from New Zealand Min Seyi (Ha Yeonsoo) and the class president and professional cellist Jung Sunwoo (Kang Haneul). Together, they will battle out the different heartaches of their pasts and face the uncertain future with their love for music as their greatest weapon.

It's a kinda ordinary plot if you ask me, but if you loved High School Musical, Glee, Pitch Perfect, Heartstrings and Suckseed, you would certainly appreciate this. I know the first episode has just been aired as of print time but the charm of the drama is sure similar to the aforementioned shows. Ha Yeonsoo can sing. Ha Yeonsoo can REALLY sing. I don't know if Kang Haneul can really play the cello but as he can play the guitar, I think he has something up his sleeves here.

And Yong Junhyung... To be honest, I am totally weak against this person. I may not be seen really spazzing about him but Junhyung is Junhyung and he is one of the few KPOP artists who I really look up to. I love his music preferences which I know will eventually come out on this drama.

And I love his guts! I love the way he acts! Seeing him acting feels like seeing the real Yong Junhyun himself. Even Haneul said that the two persons are the same. The first episode hasn't finished yet but I knew it's gonna be a favorite because of his acting abilities. Suddenly, I felt reminded of Kang Minhyuk's acting on Heartstrings. I told myself that he deserves an award for it. It is still early to say the same for Junhyung but I have this great instinct that I'm gonna say that soon. 

Guys, Monstar is a really nice drama to which we will all be able to relate to. I know it's kinda weird to say this but I hope (though I'm a bit sure) that it's gonna be the next big thing. MNET Music was really awesome to have produced it and I wish the interest the drama managed to instill on me on the first episode will stick until the end. 

So watch Monstar, okay? If you want to be cool, you would. *winks*

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