A Fan Girl's Sad Life

If you are a KPOP fan, you might have passed through this crack chat in Tumblr already. When I first read it, I thought it was the funniest thing. The 'what' part really got me and it took me quite a few hours to get over it. But after repeatedly coming across it and since I am endowed with the great tendency to over-think things, I realized that this is not just a simple joke.

It's the sad reality of being a KPOP fangirl.

How we come to be this serious in our addiction, I can't really justify. We can always say that we love our oppars because they changed our lives - and then we all will stop there. Honestly, how can we point out to others how we feel? Words aren't really enough to explain it all. As I've said before, one has to be in this world to understand the nature of KPOP fans. 

Nonetheless, we make obvious our undying love to our idols. Aside from spending ridiculous amount of money on albums, merchandises, concerts, fan supports, and gifts, we also put them on pedestal and look up to them as great inspirations. While many can handle the fact that it will always be a one-sided love, some go way past the boundary line. 

They are often called 'delusional', something which can compare to 'Mudbloods' in Hogwarts. But we all have been delusional at one point of our lives as KPOP fangirls. All of us have been - or are still - the 'ME' in the conversation. It's a sad thing, especially because everything there is true.

Non-KPOP fans would never understand, and we will constantly be judged. They'll say it's crazy and pointless; but then what makes sense? Though engaged in a one-sided love, I am proud to say that most KPOP fangirls at least know and experienced it unconditionally. We do not assume. We do not expect. We stay patient. We keep promises. We are contented with simple attention.

Come on. Isn't that what's love supposed to be?

Sure, KPOP fangirling may seem like a joke to many people. Sometimes, it is to us too. But then, I hope people would stop the prejudice that we're crazy and all we do is have fun and make jokes like this. Because you know, it can be very sad being like this. 

Only, it's worth it.


  1. This might sound odd for some...but you know what, I almost teared up while reading this. Especially the reblogged quote from Tumblr. I also thought it was the funniest thing until I realized the masked sadness behind it. I guess it just really got to me. And indeed, only fellow K-Pop fans will understand one another.

    P.S. This is a nice blog entry. :)

    1. Thanks for the appreciation, LisFlo. :) It is a relief to know that I am not alone in this. :)

  2. Non KPOP fans would never understand the feelings of a fangirl Sis. This is like having unrequited lover irl :|

  3. I actually teared up while reading this. It really is unrequited love at its finest. One-sided, yes, but we are contented. And this is one one-sided love I am proud of. No expectations, just contentment :)