Patience 2.0

May has begun and obviously, I haven't named it yet. Well, I did. It is actually PATIENCE 2.0, and obviously, it is an extension to learn the virtue I was supposed to master last month.

April was really nice to me but due to some circumstances, I could not prolong my patience - particularly with my internet service provider.

If you are to see my Twitter timeline (@kyutoes) for the past month, you would either be amused or annoyed at how I ranted against Globe Tattoo Broadband. Why won't I? I haven't been with them for a month and all I got was a fucked-up and consistently interrupter (if not dead) internet and landline connections. I so wanted to terminate it already because Sun Broadband was actually way more reliable but they told me I have to pay twice my monthly bill as termination fee. They said I'll be breaching the contra°ct declaring a 2-year holding period. Well, they should have known that they were the first one to breach it by not giving me PROPER service.

Oh, but no clause in the contract states they have to give me PROPER connections. They will just give me... connections. Get it?

There were several technicians who came here. All of them saying the poor connection is due to the wrongdoings of the installers. All of them actually gave up and referred me to the cablers. It is just the last one who actually managed to explain to me what the actual problem is. Too bad, I wasn't able to get his name.

At the moment, I am enjoying stable connections. Probably, they have already installed my lines properly - to where it is supposed to be; and I am grateful. Hopefully, we don't go back to the same old problem anymore because I wouldn't know what to do anymore if that happens.

That problem with my connections really pushed me to my limit because I never really appreciate failed services, especially if I pay on time. Plus, I would take no bullshits if my work is jeopardized. But now that my problem is resolved (HOPEFULLY!), I intend to go back to my training with patience.

I don't want to compromise anymore. I really want to learn how to hold my anger in all the time. I've started reading a book about grace and patience is mandatory.

I better start and accomplish it this month.

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