Who's to Blame?

We are God's stewards here on Earth. I've learned that on high school. We, as his prime creations, were given the supreme task of taking care of all other things He mad, and that includes nature.

But did we?

Sure, not all of us are illegal loggers. But I'm sure all of us had once littered on the street. That, alone, is a huge mistake. Imagine if more than 7 billion people would throw recklessly even just a piece of plastic trash. The pile of garbage we're gonna come with up could probably block a length of drainage already, or maybe a river, and eventually lead to flash floods.

Mind you, we don't just throw candy wrappers, and we've been destroying nature since God knows when.

I don't know about the statistics but in Meycauayan alone, I could see piles of garbage improperly disposed. That is why one strong rainfall, and it's difficult finding dry land to walk on. I find it unfortunate and definitely annoying, but who's to blame?

We constantly blame the rain and the abnormal weather turnouts whenever there are calamities; but what we fail to realize is that instead of blaming the natural occurrences, we should blame ourselves.

Maybe, this is becoming a religious blog again, but I strongly believe that the constant submerging of our streets, and our homes, is a call from God. It's a tap on our shoulders, telling and reminding us that we were not doing our responsibilities well.

I always find fault in our government officials. Instead of spending time going to beauty clinics for cosmetic surgeries or going for unnecessary photoshoots to boost popularity, why can't they just spend their time thinking of solutions to deepen the river? It was made possible in Tullahan in Valenzuela, why can't they do it in Meycauayan? Instead of using the public funds on senseless tarpaulins and tents infested with their annoying names and faces, why can't they use it for better purposes like drainage improvement?

But then again, are they the only ones to blame?

The residents who would thrown their plastic and chemical wastes on the river, the rascals who would throw everything on the street even when there's a trashcan in front of them already, the street vendors and sweepers who - instead of picking up the trash they collected - would just dump it on drainage holes, and the people who wouldn't care...

Aren't WE the ones to blame too?

The rain is a natural occurrence as we are a tropical country. August is a rainy month so this kind of weather should have been expected. But flood is not typical. Although we always encounter it, it doesn't mean we should get used to it. We have to take actions. We have to do our part.

So please, let' stop destroying what we all should be taking care of. Not just in Meycauayan, but everywhere else in the country. Discipline is the key, and it's never too late. Whether one finished schooling or hasn't even stepped on a school does not matter in this issue, it's about growing some conscience and finding ways to be better people to this land.

God bless Meycauayan.
God bless the Philippines.

Lord, keep us all safe.

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