A Very Late Post: Singapore Trip (Day 3)

The third day in Singapore is the highlight of our trip! Why? Of course! It's Super Show 4!

The day began with us meeting a new Korean whose name I forgot, but she looked like Moon Geun Young and she was really happy to hear that from us, Filipinos. It was quite a funny experience because as I was fixing my things, she suddenly came up to me and showed me an owl lamp. Clueless, I just said 'LAMP'. LOL. And I guess, just so I wouldn't make her feel bad, I talked to her and yeah, we had a really short but cute time talking.

Anyway, Ate Yan had to fetch Shane from Little India so Ate Tin and I went first to Singapore Indoor Stadium. I tell you, it was freaking creepy when we got there. As soon as we got out of the stadium, IT WAS SO DARK! Rain clouds were really hovering above us, until it finally began to rain. Super Junior aren't called RAIN GODS for nothing.

Since we have our own seat numbers (Thanks to Weiling for getting us the tickets!), we needed not to fall in line. And then we met up with Sai (a very nice and beautiful Indonesian friend) and Shane came as well.

Frankly, the highlight of our waiting was meeting Camel, the master of ParkJungsu.com. (YOU'RE UNNIE!) She's so cute, I was literally stuttering when she was talking to us. I can't reveal her pictures here, but if you wish to know how she looks like... imagine Lee Jaejin from FT Island. ^^

So after a while, we went inside the concert hall and it was so small. Araneta Coliseum is way bigger but no doubt, I would still choose my hometown venue. We were seated at the 8th row of a good section and it was a nice experience. No fan accounts though, because although it's kinda weird, I didn't enjoy that much. Probably because it's still better and more fun when it's held in the Philippines.

But then, I just can't resist stating here one thing which I really, really hated. During Zhoumi's solo, people one by one stood up from their seats and left the stadium. This mass walk-out was really rude. The stadium lights were on and the man was standing in the middle of the stage, and you can really see people leaving. Fuck. Until now, it makes me feel so mad. It's the first time I've seen something like that, and I think that's worse than a black ocean.

Geez. People just have to learn how to play fair. And then people said that they just went to the restroom? WHO ARE THEY FOOLING? They started coming back as soon as Siwon's solo began. Come on. For what I know, you would need like six songs to finish before you could go and back the CRs. The one is in the station. The other's in the mall.

But then, it's their choice. It just felt better that they didn't do that to Henry... or I would have probably gone berserk.

Tsk tsk. I really wish SS5 would have Manila on their list.

No pictures during the concert too because freaking guards were so strict. They were literally taking our cameras. Goodness. Camel was disappointed. We were too. Luckily though, we were able to snap some photos during the ending for memories' sake.

Shot before the concert. I was that close to the stage, and I looked stupid. Yes?

Ending part. Sorry for the derp Yesung. Henry's sooooo cute. <3

The twins. LMAO. Mimi and Teuk XD

The ending bow with the dancers. That's Ryeowook standing. The girl beside him is Insomnia noona. XD

MY BOYS. Too bad Heenim's not there anymore; and Kangin was still yet to come out of the army.

The bow.

This is like a tradition already for Super Junior. It's the Kiss. LMAO. I think it started in Sukira and then Hyukjae carried it on during Super Shows. On the picture were Henry, Donghae, Hyukjae and Sungmin. 

After every concert, I look harassed.

After the concert, I realized some things which kinda deadened the experience; but overall, it was memorable. Until now, I'm missing Henry Lau a lot.

We were supposed to eat dinner with Camel afterwards, but her friends were in a rush. I wish we got the chance. Goodness. I would trade my stilettos for a chance to be with Master, you know. XD

Okay! Day 4 later. XD

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