A Very Late Post: Singapore Trip (Day 4)

Ah, finally! The last day in Singapore. Our departure flight was at 12NN and we checked out early from the backpacker's inn because we wanted to go to the church since it was a Sunday. Too bad that the mass will start at 10AM, and we had to be at the airport by 10:45AM. We didn't want to be rude and leave the mass early so we decided to just pray and off we went to the airport.

We walked around the streets and found ourselves getting lost. LOL But while Ate Yan and Ate Tin were finding our way to the train station, I took the opportunity to snap some photos of the different attractions around me that time.

This was the church we visited. I think the name's Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.

Ate Tin and Ate Yan. Hihi

That white building with orange roofs is the Singapore Art Museum. I wish I stayed longer in the city, I would really visit that place.

Singapore Management University. Yes, it's an academic institution although it looked like a mall. LOL. I honestly want to study here, if only I could afford it. It looked pretty competitive. It has several buildings scattered around the area, I suppose.

The entrance to the parking lot. Honestly, it reminded me of the university in You've Fallen for Me with Jung Yonghwa and Park Shinhye that's why I took a photo.

At the corner of the block, this is what we saw. I am really curious up to now as to where the tunnel leads, honestly.

Stamford House. It's a historic building but I think it's a commercial building.

Double deck bus! I wanted to ride it but I was afraid I'd get lost. There was another type of bus, the very long one. It's like a train already and it could somehow bend in the middle. LOL

I really, really adore their streets. It's clean and wide, considering that they're a very small country. Philippines is obviously much bigger but look at our streets. huhuhu.

In my stay in Singapore, I never saw a traffic aide. If you wish to cross the street, you just have to push this button and wait until the stoplight signals red, and then you can cross safely. :)

No one's crossing the street even though there are no vehicles passing. Cool!

Maybe it's because it's too early, but I really find it amusing that there is no traffic even when there is road reconstruction going on.

Capitol Building

Raffles Place, a mall and office building.

A Mercedes-Benz taxi. OMG. I wonder how much it would cost me to get in there. And by the way, the driver sits on the right side and it really felt new to me. When we rode the taxi from SIS after the concert, I felt like I was the one driving. hehe

At Tanah Merah Station once more. It's great that they have those doors which stops people from getting onto the rail.

Yuxing Unnie sent us off and I just couldn't tell her but I was close to crying when she gave me a letter. I love her so much that I just want to go back to Singapore and bond with her again. There are so many places I want to visit with her... Like for example, Kyoto.

You see the heart-shaped land? I wonder what island this is..... LOL I feel reminiscent about the scene when Goo Junpyo brought Geum Jandi on a helicopter flight just to show her a heart-shaped field. LOL


Overall, it was a nice experience. My first ride on a plane is an out-of-the-country trip. It's awesome. It feels good, despite the annoying experiences of turbulence on our flight home. 

Now, I'm missing Singapore a lot; and I wish I could go back soon. But then, I have told myself that the next time I'll go out of the country, it's gonna be South Korea, and I have to stay there for like 2-3 weeks.

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