A Very Late Post: Singapore Trip (Day 2)

Our Day 2 in Singapore was pretty much an exciting one. First, I met my lovely Yuxing UnnieSecond, I met up with Mook, Zhen and Weiling. And last, we literally walked around Singapore City so much!

The day was very tiring that I ended up with blisters on my feet, but it was sure worth it. Although it drizzled a little (because Super Junior arrived at Singapore), it was a fun and enjoyable experience.

Yuxing Unnie and I, at the walkalator to Sentosa Island. We used the Boardwalk because the tram is a little expensive.

Welcome to Sentosa Island!!!

I'm in front of the famous Universal Studios globe! We didn't go inside Universal Studios because it's a little costly and it's not what we went there for. LOL. But if we didn't buy tickets, we would have gone to the amusement park.

Ate Yan, Me, Ate Tin... covered with mist. :)

With Yuxing Unnie and Mr. Jelly Beans!

At first, I thought it was poop and I wondered why people would actually put poop statue there. But now that I realized it, it's actually a chick. >.<

At the Siloso Beach... we were supposed to go to the southermost point of Continental Asia but we realized that it's in the other end of Sentosa so we didn't go there anymore. I was literally afraid when we were standing by the beach because I feared that the waves would go high and make us wet. Or worse, pull us with them to the ocean.

I wanted to write CNBLUE but it's way too long. LOL JK. I went to Singapore for SJ, so SJ should be written there.

My first full meal that day. What I noticed about McDonald's in Singapore is that there are no rice meals! I wanted to eat chicken but there's no rice so I settled for Double Cheeseburger and large fries. And also! The staffs are old ladies, and I think that's the only thing I hated about the city. It's not that I'm against the rule but I guess I'm not just used to seeing old people working in fastfood chains.

Yuxing unnie explained to me though that it's because the cost of living in Singapore is too high that people cannot afford to retire early if they are not really rich.

ION Shopping Mall... one of the best shopping malls in Asia!!!! See the facade? It was awesome, I swear. It is located in Orchard Road, and is definitely eye catching. Stores set within the structure are of designer brands like (as seen on photo) Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Cartier, etc.

The beautiful and clean pedestrian lane of Orchard Road. Whenever I describe it, it's like a mix of Makati and UP Diliman, only ten times better and cleaner.

From Orchard Road, we walked to Bugis Junction. It is another shopping destination in Singapore which is intended for budget shoppers. There are so much to buy there. I bought some nice stuffs for souvenirs too. I was supposed to enter a sex shop to buy something for a friend (just to get even with what she gave me: A BOOB STRESS BALL) but unfortunately (or fortunately?), it was closed.

At the Bugis Junction, I met up with Zhen (an admin of Strings with Henry). She's really nice and tall too, and I really enjoyed her company. Along with Yuxing Unnie, she guided us around the city although we got lost a little. Hehehe.

Zhen brought us to Plaza Singapura where Donghae and Siwon had their fanmeet for Skip Beat. We went to a KPOP shop where I bought two CNBLUE lightsticks for me and Desiree.

As per Ate Christine's idea, we headed to Suntec City for this Fountain of Wealth. According to the sign, one should walk around the fountain three times, in a clockwise direction. The right hand should touch the water as he completes the rounding. While walking though, the wish should be repeated multiple times in the mind.

My wish is a secret. It is yet to happen, anyway. ^^
After Suntec City, we headed to the Marina Bay. This is an accomplishment to me because I have always wanted to see the Marina Bay Sands up-close. Those three buildings are the hotel. The ship-like structure that links them together at the top is where the infinity pool is. Too bad, we weren't able to get up to the skydeck. :(

The Merlion is Singapore's most famous icon. It's a mythical creature with the head of a lion and a body of a mermaid. No trip to Singapore is complete without visiting this attraction. But it's just basically it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Oh by the way, it's Zhen who's wearing blue!

I insisted on coming to the Merlion Park even though we're so tired already because I want to take a shot like this. :) I got inspired by Kang Sora. hehe. It's actually one of the to-do things I've listed before I flew to Singapore.

As we went back to the Esplanade, we met up with Mook. She's actually my baby and is a good Thai friend of mine who I've met in the internet through WeLoveLeeteuk. She's WeLoveRyeowook; and since then, we've been "Ate and Mookie". She's the one in the middle, and the one wearing blue is Weiling. Believe it or not, it was already turning 7PM in that light.

Ate Yan and Ate Tin took this picture simply because they were amused by our heights. We aren't that tall though.

We went to Makansutra for the Singaporean food!!! I love the Satay (the one in skewers). They call Pechay, pechay too. And Kangkong as kangkong. LOL. 

After eating, Yuxing unnie had to leave because she had to go somewhere else; and so we headed to the Marina Bay to watch a presentation similar to Songs of the Sea. I don't remember for what the show was though; but I remember Weiling and Zhen trolling Henry, and us, going inside Marina Bay Sands.

Surprisingly, there was a Fans Gazing Area, which we thought were funny. But I think it was okay, at least order was kept there.
This is us, with Mook at the train. I got it from Mook herself. hehe.

I was so tired that I just slumped on the floor while Yuxing Unnie and Zhen were discussing how to get to Singapore Indoor Stadium the next day. 

Ate Yan took this. It was one of the cutest shots ever. :)

We were supposed to go to an ice cream parlor but our legs were so tired already, so we decided to just head back to the dorm. I think that night, I met Kim Soeun. :) She's a nice girl from Gyeonggi who toured Singapore with a friend. I gave her a necklace and she found it cute. I wish she's using it though.^^

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